Every one has a pet peeve, particularly women, I am no different. It is out of character for me to complain about them however, but today is a rare exception. Gentleman gamers. let this serve as a lesson as often men are unaware of the obvious. Luckily I have not run into this problem on GI, but I simply must vent about my frustrations.

     Why is it that a girl is universally viewed by the majority as incapable of executing a combo in a fight title? Why do men feel women are  less of a fighter in the virtual world? My fingers work just the same. I am not by default handicap because I carry a set of ladies on my chest.
     Why do men feel the overwhelming urge to flirt with me while we are in competition? Gentlemen get your head in the game! I am not online to be flattered, I am not online to be hit on, and I surely do not want to be a part of your male fantasy that involves Asian girls in school uniforms "trying" to play  with the BIG STRONG GAMER JOCKS. I am here to compete in a friendly match and that is all.
     I understand in detail that as a male you can not help your desires, you can not ignore the fact that I am a female, but please keep your thoughts to yourself. Besides, we are online on a PS3, what makes you seriously believe you have a chance with me even if we did happen to be in close geographical proximity.
     Lastly, the dumbest thing in this list, why on earth would you purposefully lose on my account? That does not impress me one bit. If you really wanted to get my attention you would give it your all and beat me two ways to Sunday.

In light of my above rant, I want to thank all of my friends (you know who you are) here on GI for not being "that guy". I appreciate more then you realize the fact that you stand with me as an equal, and respect me as a gamer. I love being able to participate in an honest one on one where I really feel like I have accomplished something when I have won, and when I can learn when I haven't.