I have been trying to catch up on current gen consoles. I caught with the Wii for a while until the Wii U came out. I had the PS3 then the rumors about the PS4 came out. My uncle actually took back his PS3 from me and now I am just left with my Wii, PSP (that I share with my brother) and a crappy DS. * Sad Face *

The good news is I am on my way to getting another PS3 and XBOX. I was talking to this buffet restaurant down the street from my house and they said they were hiring. I just have to come in between the times of 2 and 4 and come for an interview. Kind of excited! The employees say based off of their hours they make like $400 every two weeks and that would be enough to get my laptop and XBOX at the same time. Or just the XBOX and a good headset. Although I'm still in high school, my sports season is over and I have the time to work now. Once this comes through I will have more info to share because I will be able to give reviews and stories on games I've played and funny stories I've had in my games.

I like to share info with you guys and like to keep you up to date... That is all (: