It has been 5 years since the last SSB game was released and 14 years since the 1st SSB was released for the N64. SSB has undeniably been one of Nintendo's best selling games and one of the best fighter games ever.

It has been a couple of years since we have gotten a new Smash Bros game and with the recent release of the Wii U, we can now expect a new Smash game soon with new characters and levels.

The things that are interesting about the next Smash Bros game will be which characters are added/subtracted. I love seeing more characters from different universes getting a chance to be in Smash. It only helps the game and gives it more a more diverse and fun collection of playable characters.

Another intriguing thing about the next Smash game is, how will the developers balance the game? Will they make Metaknight the ouright best player in the game again or will they do like Call of Duty and send updates for the game over the internet of their are any glitches?

I hope to see more Nintendo characters and some other unexpected characters from other gaming franchises. I hope the game is more balanced, but unfortunately their are always some glitches or unfair attack that will be abused. They should use the updating system over the Nintendo Internet Connection.

Hopefully the new edition of Smash will be a hit. What characters would you like to see in the new smash? What changes would help the game?