Hello all.  I had fun writing my first blog, so I am back to write another one!  This one will be about the most memorable levels in games that I have played in my gaming lifespan.  Of course, it will be completely subjective, and I am trying to keep a pretty loose criteria on it, so I may forget a few.  It will basically just be levels I thought were either the most entertaining, genre-defining, had a lot of replay value, or were otherwise unforgettable.  (Some of them might be situation names if I can't remember the actual level / world name).  I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if I forget a crucial one, or any thoughts or opinions in the comments!  Thanks!


25.  Mario Kart 64 - Koopa Troopa Beach

My favorite map from this game.  Can anyone count how many times they drove up that huge ramp trying to hit the secret area and take the lead but then missed it?  HAHA, great map.

24. Battlefield:  Bad Company 2 - Port Valdez

This map came out as the beta map and many were hopelessly addicted nonstop until the retail version of this game came out, where it still held up as one of the strongest maps.  Excellent progression both in vehicle usability, draw distance, and terrain changes.  My favorite competitive shooter of this gen.

23.  Medal of Honor:  Allied Assault - Omaha Beach

This came out back before the WWII Shooting genre was getting overly stale.  It was a great take on storming Normandy, and at the time it was very realistic and had great sound.  Proved to be the best opening to one of if not the best Medal of Honor game in the series.

22.  Soldier of Fortune 2:  Double Helix - shop2

This was such a great multiplayer game and had several incredible maps.  Shop2 was the best of them all.  Could be played middle corridor 1v1 or all the way up into the 20 v 20 range.  Classic map.

21.  Doom3 - Hell

This was probably my favorite section of Doom3 and at that time, it really showcased what that extra several hundred bucks you spent building a gaming rig would bring.  A great earlier example of excellent dynamic lighting manipulation.

20.  Mortal Kombat - The Pit

I was pretty young when this game made its way from the arcade to your Genesis.  This level was awesome and was one of the forefathers of inducing rage over video game violence within lawyers and parents around the nation.  So many great fighting games were spawned because of this game and level.

19.  Resident Evil - The Mansion (first zombie encounter)

Ahhh Resident Evil 1.  Groundbreaking, very entertaining, unique menu system, and the beginning of a life long survival horror appreciation for many.  The great setting where you first encounter a zombie in this series is unforgettable.

18.  Counterstrike - Dust

Probably one of the most played maps for any game in history, and its easy to see why.  It is rare to find a map that is so perfectly balanced it is thought to be a pure measure of skill within its own rules and physics when played on equal connection speeds.  This map proceeds to do this in many eyes, and has spawned countless maps' births as well as transitioned via fans to many other games.

17.  Uncharted 2 - The Train battle

The suspense and attention to detail in this game and map are undeniable.  From the epic chopper battling to the feeling of dread and constant perfect frame rate, this level is executed extremely well.  A shining example of why so many people rave about Uncharted series.

16.  Medal Gear Solid 4 - Shadow Moses

The Return to Shadow Moses in this game is unforgettable and actually genuinely sad.  Great portion of one of the best Sony exclusives.

15.  DooM - E1M8 Phobos Anomaly

The final level of the iconic 1st episode of DooM, Knee Deep in the Dead is amazing.  Puzzling alien level design that ends with you ascending a staircase into a teleport to certain death, or to a new level of hell to fight more, or to an ex's house that you didn't get along with anymore or......Well, they left it pretty open-ended, but one thing was for sure, they got millions to buy the remaining episodes.

14.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:  The Water Level

Not only was this one of the most annoying levels ever, but it was extremely addicting.  One wrong move when trying to defuse a bomb, and you were zapped into turtle soup.  Bummer DUDE, we just wanted some pizza, MAN.  Haha.

13.  Final Fantasy 7 - Temple of the Ancients

One of the most memorable areas of this game.  I remember it being quite confusing and now am interested in playing it again to see how I fare nowadays.  Walking on the clock hands was awesome and avoiding those damn boulders was crazy.

12.  Contra - Waterfall Level

Such a cool level.  As everything went off the bottom of the screen never to be seen again, you would meet the same fate if attempting to venture down again also.  The vertical climb ended with a really neat criss crossing snake head turret machine battle, before your victory, which would lead you to one of the jumping over rolling pins shooting wall jewels style level.  Naturally.

11.  Mike Tyson's Punch-Out - Mike Tyson

One of my favorite levels in any game ever, and with all the GI staff discussion about it, I have to include it.  Will admit, it was much, much easier to beat as a child.

10.  Quake 2 - Q2DM1 The Edge

I remember being slightly letdown when first picking up Quake 2, simply because of how phenomenal Quake 1 was.  It didn't take me long to realize, while not necessarily better, its differences made it an equally amazing game in its own right.  After playing The Edge over and over, it quickly became obvious that it had the elements of a timeless legendary DM and 1v1 level that only id and Quake were providing in those days.

9.  Ocarina of Time - Hyrule Field

What a memorable place this was!  I remember seeing the first moving pan-over the Hyrule Field area sequence in this game and being amazed at the sense of size it had.  Once you obtained your quicker mode of transportation it just got better and better.

8.  Chrono Trigger - Frog using Masamune to open the mountain.

This is easily one of my favorite settings and moments in the game.  This cool looking portion of the world combined with Frog's backstory are epic.

7.  Castlevania 3 : Dracula's Curse - Clock Tower

Great sense of climbing the giant tower of Dracula's world.  Genius changing of environments from the churchlike ascend to the gears and working of the clock to the annex.  Awesome sound track to it as well.  Easily one of the coolest CV levels ever made.  Cool enough, it has even been re-created multiple times in the same series.

6.  Super Mario Brothers - 1-1

Most gamers can re-create this map on paper with a pen in their sleep.  Don't even want to know how many addictions this excellent level caused.

5.  Goldeneye 64 - Facility

This game was the game to play in terms of competitive console shooting for quite awhile.  While it had many great levels the Facility was hands down my favorite.  The way they isolated the starting area for MP only was handled very well also.

4.  Quake - DM6 The Dark Zone

Overall, I would say this is likely my favorite multiplayer game of all time.  DM6 is the best 1v1 map I have ever played for any game.  If you havn't played this game / map, youtube it and check it out.  Oh yeah, don't forget to protect that Red armor and Rocket Launcher.

3.  Super Metroid - Maridia

Awesome level with awesome sound.  Even the way you enter this section of the game was superbly crafted.  Certain areas are difficult to move in due to the elements and it has some very unique sea creature enemies in it and a stellar boss.

2.  DooM - E1M1 Hangar

Another level where there isn't much to say that isn't already known.  I think almost anyone who is a fan of FPS has attempted at least 1 speedrun on this level, and I bet 7 out of 10 users of this site know where the secrets are.  1st level from my favorite game of all time.  Great song and also one of the most modded and transitioned levels ever.

1.  Castlevania: S.O.T.N. - Inverted Castle

While not as much a level per say but an entire giant section of the game to play through.  This is my favorite level setting ever in any game and also one of the most unique ideas ever.  The style changes in color schemes, area names, enemies and bosses are all pure genius and really need to be experienced to be appreciated.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the list.  I noticed there are not many levels from newer games on here but it was tough as I kept it down to 25.  Mass Effect, Fallout, several side scrolling beat em ups, Last of Us, Max Payne and many other series could have easily made it but, hey got to leave some out...