Hello there, Game Informer!  I have seen all the 10 Question blogs, so I thought I'd give it a go!


1. What is your favorite username/gamertag that's not your own?
Ooh, tough one.  I'm going to have to go with one my friend uses for his Xbox profile: Sir Jerlon.  I don't know how he came up with it, but I've always found it hilarious for some reason that I can't explain.  I guess you'd have to know him.


2. Whats the most overrated book and/or film in your opinion?

Another tough one.  I'm not a cynic, like the creator of this question, so I look on movies and books relatively optimistically.  The only movie I can think of that I didn't like that was generally praised was 2001, A Space Odyssey (a 96% Rotten Tomatoes).  I just don't like the "artistic" type of movie, I prefer a straightforward story that doesn't have space babies.


3. Whats the best idea in a game that you think was poorly executed?

Brink.  The whole game.  Everything in concept sounds amazing, but they just screwed the whole thing up.


4. Do you get the GI magazines in the mail? If so, who is on the cover of your first issue?

Well, I did until this month, when I switched to digital.  I don't remember what my first issue was, but it was relatively recently, within the last 2 years.


5. If you were to date anyone on the GI website, who would it be?

Oh man!  Any females available?


6. Oh snap! Someone challenged Donkey Kong to a fistfight! Who is it, and which combatant would emerge victorious?

Oh snap! indeed.  The only one crazy enough to do that would be Ponstory Games, and it would be because they disagree about some trivial issue.  Donkey Kong would rip Pon in half, and no one would weep (maybe that's a little harsh... nah!)


7. Where do you purchase the majority of your video games?

It depends.  If I want the game NOW I go to Game Stop.  If I don't mind waiting, Amazon is the way to go.


8. Turn on your television. What's currently on?

Battlestar Galactica.  I'm in the process of watching the first season, and so far it seems like Lost in space (no spoilers please, or I'll kill you!)

(No picture, because looking for pictures would ultimately spoil something)


9. Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they?

Heck yes!  None of them are extreme phobias, but still irrational.  Arachnophobia, acrophobia, and slendermaniswatchingmephobia.


10. What's your one favorite thing ever?

People that aren't ignorant.


So those are my 10 answers!  Thanks to Jolt for the questions!  See you later!