A quick preface: although this is based on my prior GaMe about Le Hannibal, I completely rewrote this story besides the introduction.  Everything else is different, and was written from Jolt's perspective.  Enjoy!




            Clone commandos were respected for their skills and decisiveness in combat.  Only the Jedi were more revered in combat during the great Clone Wars.  However, there were two clone commandos whose fame rivaled even that of the Jedi Masters they fought beside.  As clones, they had no birth name, but each took a name for themselves that could rally confidence in their allies and create fear in their enemies.  They were Le Hannibal and Jolt.  Their whole lives they had been friends, but in the end, one fundamental disagreement would tear them apart.  This is not a story of their many conquests.  This is the tale of the deaths of two legends.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


            Jolt was enjoying the latest modification to his Katarn class armor: a music player.  In those lulls in combat, he would kick back and enjoy his 11 Favorite Songs playlist.  However, his trip through the caves of Andaris called for a darker tune, and the dark music kept him tense and on his toes.

            To Jolt’s left stood his lifelong friend and ally Le Hannibal, or just Hannibal, and in front of him observing one of the luminous crystals of Andaris was Jedi master Saint.

            “No sign of enemy occupation,” Hannibal commed to Jolt.  Jolt nodded and repeated the message to Saint.

            Saint smiled and said, “We are one step ahead of our foes.”

            Jedi…  Jolt admired their skills in combat, but he was always wary of them.  Their connection to the Force just seemed unnatural to him.

            Jolt clicked off the music and activated the suit’s energy scanner.  Unlike most of his armor’s equipment, this didn’t feed directly to his visor (What idiot thought of this?), so he had to glance at a meter on his wrist.  To an untrained viewer, the numbers on the gauge would appear meaningless, but to a Republic Commando they were a like a second language.

            “The massive energy readings are coming from somewhere a kilometer north,” Jolt remarked.  With energy readings this high, it almost had to be a generator of some kind.  That was why the Jedi Council had given Saint this mission; if it was a Separatist generator, it was powering something gigantic.

            Fortunately for them, the tunnel seemed to lead directly north, so it was merely a matter of a short walk, and a couple more energy readings, to reach the source of the power.  There was no Separatist generator.  Instead, there was a massive red crystal pulsating with energy.

            “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Saint breathed.  Jolt and Hannibal were awestruck.  Jolt looked down at his energy scanner to confirm what his eyes were seeing.

            “The energy readings are coming from this crystal.”  He took a step forward, and the numbers spiked.  “It’s getting stronger the closer we are, as if it can sense us.”

            Saint nodded.  “It is alive with the Force.”

            Out of nowhere, Jolt saw Hannibal approach the crystal.  He was about to tell him to get back when Hannibal touched the crystal.  Suddenly, the crystal turned black and shattered.

            Saint’s face filled with anguish.  “What did you do?” he howled.

            Jolt saw Hannibal instinctively withdraw, and then noticed something strange.

            “I’m glowing!” Hannibal yelled.  It was true, in addition to the faint yellowish glow of the Katarn shields, red light was emanating much more brightly from every surface of his armor.

            Jolt glanced down at his energy scanner and found astonishing results.  “You won’t believe this,” he gasped, “All the energy that was coming from the crystal is now coming from you!”

            Jolt heard Hannibal stammer, but he didn’t say anything.  He was busy looking at the glow coming from his hands.

            Saint interjected hesitantly, “I think he… absorbed… the crystal.  I’ll have to get you back to the Jedi Temple to be examined.”

            Right when the words escaped Saint’s mouth, Jolt’s comm unit beeped.  His display showed that it was coming from his emergency channel, and Jolt’s training kicked in.  He clicked accept and nearly jumped when he saw the figure of the Supreme Chancellor fill his visor.

            “My lord,” Jolt acknowledged.

            “It is time,” Palpatine croaked, “execute Order 66.”

            So the Jedi have finally done it; they’ve rebelled against the Republic.  Jolt knew his duty was to the Chancellor, not to the Jedi.

            “It will be done,” Jolt responded, and heard Hannibal reply the same.  Hannibal had a closer relationship with the Jedi, but he was a soldier.  Jolt reached for his rifle.  Jolt never questioned Hannibal’s loyalty until the moment Hannibal knocked him to the ground.

            For a moment, everything went black, but the suit was built to keep you on your feet.  The needles injected Jolt with several steroids, and Jolts eyes blinked open.  He looked up and saw that Saint was gone.  Hannibal stood over him with a pistol pointed at his face.  Jolt started to pull himself to his feet, and felt sorrow that he would have to kill his friend.  Hannibal was always a great soldier, one of the best, but he was never as good as Jolt.

            “Why?” Jolt asked Hannibal, although he already knew his answer.  He should have seen this coming, but his emotions had clouded his judgment.

            “Saint is our friend!  We can’t just kill him!” Hannibal had let his emotions cloud his judgment as well, it seemed.

            Oh well, I guess it always had to be this way.  With a flick of his eyes that his suit was pre-programmed to recognize, Jolt activated his “battle music” on his music player.

            “Orders are orders!” Jolt yelled as he got to his feet.  As the breath left his mouth, Jolt’s hands grabbed his vibroblade and swung it in one clean motion through Hannibal’s blaster pistol.

            Hannibal let go of his broken blaster and quickly grabbed his own blade.  They stood unmoving for seconds, sizing each other up.  Jolt’s patience wore thin and he lunged with his blade towards Hannibal’s heart.  Hannibal moved quickly to the side and slashed his blade across Jolt’s chest, but it was a glancing blow that the shields easily absorbed.

            However, Jolt knew that he couldn’t afford to give Hannibal any more advantages and backed up into a defensive position.  This time Hannibal lunged, but Jolt easily blocked the attack and retaliated with a clean slice across Hannibal’s visor.  Jolt saw the shields drain and grinned at the mark his blade made on Hannibal’s visor.

            Back to his defensive position, Jolt waited for Hannibal to make his next move.  Hannibal lunged at Jolt’s arm.  Too predictable, Jolt thought and swung his blade for what he was sure would be the finishing blow.  However, Hannibal had set the whole move as a trap, and instead slicing Hannibal, Hannibal tackled him to the ground as his music reached its climax.

            The force of the impact knocked the wind out of Jolt, and he was immobilized for a second.

            Why hasn’t Hannibal finished me off yet?

            Then, Jolt saw it.  When Hannibal had tackled him, Jolt’s blade had pierced his chest.  Hannibal was fatally wounded.  Jolt pushed Hannibal’s body off him and stood up.

            He shouldn’t suffer.  I’ll finish him now, and I might just have enough time to catch that Jedi.

            Jolt readied his blade to slit Hannibal’s throat.  He couldn’t hide the sorrow from his voice when he whispered, “Goodbye, friend.”

            As his blade touched Hannibal’s armor, a flash of red filled Jolt’s eyes as a massive Force propelled him into the air at tremendous speeds.  Jolt felt tremendous pain as one of the cave’s stalactites pierced his armor and traveled through several of his vital organs.  The suit did all it could, but not even that could keep him conscious.  Jolt’s whole world turned black.


            “He’s gone,” one of the clone troopers, designated DJH, stated.  He stood over the armor of Hannibal.  It appeared as if the armor had been burned from the inside, like a small sun trying to escape.  No sign of his body remained.

            The clones then turned to the body of Jolt.  They had pulled him off the stalactite, which had turned black and shattered the moment he was removed, and were now scanning him.  Another clone, designated TGC, stared incredulously at a heartbeat monitor.  “We’ve got a heartbeat!” he yelled.  A third clone, designated JBB, exclaimed, “This is one tough son-of-a-murglak!”

            A shadowy figure walked up to the barely-alive body of Jolt.  “He has seen much, he may still be of some use to the Emperor.  Ensure that he survives, or it will be your head.”

            “Yes, as you wish!” DJH exclaimed, and he immediately began applying bacta to the wound.

            The shadowy figure activated a comm unit on his wrist.  “We have a survivor, my lord.  He may have knowledge of the Jedi.”

            The voice of the Emperor came through the comm.  “Good job.  I sense that you will be of great use to me.  Report back to me immediately.  I have another job for you, my first and most loyal hand.”

            Although he was used to such praise, Caudex could not help but smile.

            As the clone troopers rushed to revive Jolt, Caudex stood at a distance watching.  The clones patched up the wound with synthflesh and healed any remaining wounds with bacta and kolto.  Finally, they placed a defibrillator on his chest and the surge of electricity flowed through him.  From a distance, Caudex saw Jolt open his eyes, and a red glow started to come from him.

            This was a good find indeed.


Well, how was it?  Thanks for reading!  May the Force be with you.