Hello again, Game Informer.  I come to you today with a simple dream from an avid dreamer.  This dream is the concept of the ultimate game that would shake the foundations of my life and ruin any chances of a future while leaving me completely okay with that.  I present to you now this dream, and my recommendations for this dream.  Enjoy


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

*Star Wars theme*

Yes, this ultimate game is a Star Wars game.  I am a devoted Star Wars fan, and my love for the series inspired this dream.  I have watched every movie many times over (except The Clone Wars, ugh), I've played many of the video games, read over 40 novels, and even written my own Star Wars fan fiction.  While there have been many Star Wars video games, none have truly given my the Star Wars experience I've desired.  Some have amazing stories but lack the intense action that Star Wars should have (Knights of the Old Republic), while others have great gameplay but lack the Star Wars feel in the environments and story department (Jedi Outcast, The Force Unleashed).  I have come up with a dream team and dream mechanics that would solve both of these problems and create not only the greatest Star Wars game ever, but one of the greatest games of all time!

LucasArts + Bethesda Game Studios = WIN!

My concept for this game is simple: create an open world game with areas from dozens of the Star Wars planets with a cohesive narrative and involved gameplay.  Well, maybe it's not that simple, but if it can be done, the people at Bethesda Game Studios can do it.  Bethesda has demonstrated its world-crafting skills tremendously (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim), and the gameplay of Fallout would fit perfectly into the Star Wars universe.  This sort of open world gameplay would allow players to truly flesh out the Star Wars Galaxy, and make it feel real and familiar.

WIN! + Drew Karpyshyn = EPIC WIN!!!

While Bethesda Game Studios is excellent at crafting worlds, they have been a little lackluster with plots in some of their games (cough, Skyrim, cough).  That, and the fact that they have no experience in the Star Wars universe, make it clear that an experienced writer is required to pull this game together, plot-wise.  That writer should be Drew Karpyshyn.  The man behind Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate II, Knights of the Old Republic, and The Old Republic, he has extensive experience not only in Star Wars, but in science fiction in general.  As the author of three of my favorite Star Wars novels and the writer for my favorite Star Wars video game, he is an idol of mine, and I believe he would do very well for this game.

EPIC WIN!!! + Space Combat = I DON'T HAVE A WORD TO DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Space combat has always been some of the most enjoyable elements from the Star Wars films, and while some games have pulled off space combat (Rogue Squadron II, Tie Fighter), it has been sadly lacking from this generation.  An open world Star Wars game would certainly require space combat, whether it is piloting a lone X-Wing or commanding at the bridge of a Star Destroyer (or whatever it's equivalent is at the era this game takes place).  I don't know what approach to space combat is best, but I do know it is necessary for this game to be the best game ever.


While what I've been saying can create amazing gameplay, Star Wars is largely about the setting.  The classic feel of the Original Trilogy era contrasts sharply to the diplomacy-heavy Prequel Trilogy era, and the eras in between, before, and after each have their own distinct feel.  Depending on the mood the game is going for, different setting would be ideal.  If the game is largely about discovery, then the Old Republic era would be indisputably the best time for the game.  If galaxy-spanning war and subterfuge is key, then the Prequel Trilogy era would be best.  If suffering and grimness was important, then the Dark Times would be best.  Hope and rebellion would be the best in the Original Trilogy era.  Rebuilding and diplomacy would be best in the New Republic era.  Doom and war for New Jedi Order.  Confusion and suffering for Legacy.  I personally would want a game set in the New Jedi Order era, because that has been unexplored video game wise despite it being the setting for an epic (and controversial) war that destroyed most of the galaxy.

As for planets, these would have to be chosen wisely because of the massive amount of resources required to build them.  Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa are no-brainers, and have appearances in pretty much every video game imaginable.  Other interesting choices would be Dathomir, home of the Night Sisters Force-witches and the sentient, hulking rancors they use as mounts.  Also, Rodia would be an interesting location because of the violent focus of the native Rodians and the savage wildlife. **SPOILER** Of course, if the game was New Jedi Order or Legacy Era, Rodia wouldn't be an option because it is destroyed in the war. **END SPOILER** Another choice I would make is Bakura simply because of the interesting nature of their anti-power religion, and a possible Ssi-Ruu incursion if the game took place in the New Republic era.  Also, Manaan is one of my favorite planets.  The other planets I have no particular opinion on, but they should choose identifiable or unique planets.


Similarly to how The Elder Scrolls has many different races to choose from, this game would have many different species to choose from.  Your choice would affect what languages you understand, as well as different attributes, although most are very humanoid.  Here's a list of species that are a must (or at least I think are): Human, Rodian, Wookiee, Sullustan, Mon Calamari, Barabel, Trandoshan, Selkath, Balosar, Duros, Neimoidan, Ithorian, Miraluka, Chiss, Cathar, Whiphid, Twi'lek, Jawa, Ewok, Kaleesh, Aqualish, Arcona, and many others.


The Star Wars galaxy is filled with dangers, and without a variety of monsters and enemies, this game would fall short.

Rancor: This monstrous beast seen in Return of the Jedi is native to the planet Dathomir, although there are populations on several other planets.  These beasts would be like tanks, and cause massive damage while absorbing massive damage back.  Force sensitives have managed to tame rancors and use them as combat mounts.

Stormtroopers: Many people would not consider them threats, and most run-of-the-mill stormtroopers aren't.  However, members of the elite 501st squad are powerful warriors and unrivaled in combat.

Yuuzhan Vong: Only enemies during the New Jedi Order, these extragalactic aliens entered the Star Wars galaxy and nearly destroyed it.  Not only did they conquer hundreds of planets and terraform them to breed their living spaceships and weapons, but they broke the galaxy's trust of the Jedi.

Acklay: These hideous beasts use their sharp, powerful claws to destroy stuff.

Sith: Present in virtually every period of Star Wars history, the Sith have been a constant thorn in the side of all decent life in the Galaxy.  They are incredibly powerful and strong in the Dark Side of the Force.

Battle Droids: The foot soldiers of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, battle droids are weak and ineffective in combat.  However, their massive numbers make up for their lack of combat prowess, and more powerful models exist (such as the B2 Super Battle Droid) that can rival human infantry.  Even after the Clone Wars, thousands of Battle Droids illegally arrive into the hands of crime lords and rebels.

The Diversity Alliance: When many aliens became fed-up by their bad treatment at the hands of humans, the Diversity Alliance formed.  They stand for alien rights while also trying to exterminate all human life.  They were a short-lived threat, but they might reappear in different incarnations.

The Hutts: These intergalactic crime lords sit on their throne world of Nar Hutta, which means "Glorious Jewel" in their language.  However, Nar Hutta is an irradiated swamp world devoid of all life besides the Hutts and their unfortunate slaves.  The Hutts have business throughout the entire galaxy, and consider themselves better than all other species.  They also often work with their genetically-similar cousins, the t'landa Til.

The Chiss Ascendancy: Although not technically evil, the Chiss are highly territorial and do not take kindly to outsiders.  Also, they are incredibly intelligent and regard honor above all else.

The Rakatan Infinite Empire: This ancient race once ruled a large swath of the galaxy, and they enslaved every race they came across.  Their technology was very advanced for its time, and some of their technology was even better than the technology used thousands of years later in the New Republic Era.  Eventually, their slave species revolted, and the Infinite Empire crumbled, and only a few remnants remain, in the most remote corners of the galaxy.

The Blackwing Virus: A special virus developed by Imperial scientists, the Blackwing virus was constructed from samples of other viruses found across the galaxy, specifically those made by Sith alchemy.  Not only do victims of the Blackwing virus turn into flesh-eating zombies, they also retain some of their intelligence, allowing them to utilize weapons.

Rakghoul: These mutants live in the deepest crevices of Taris.  Although for a long time the origin of Rakghouls was obscured, it was eventually discovered that they were humans corrupted by the power of the Muir Talisman.  Eventually, Cade Skywalker destroyed the talisman, but until then Rakghouls were a deadly threat to everyone on Taris.  Strangely, the disease only affected humans.

The Force

Of course, the Force must be in this game.  However, to truly be an open world game, the Force should be optional, and carry with it both the positives and the negatives of the Force.  In many eras, Force sensatives are hunted, either exterminated or forced to conform.  Also, the Force should be powerful, but not overpowered.  Possibly it could use a system similar to Dragon Shouts in Skyrim.

Edit: Also, your alignment with the Light or Dark side should have a major impact on your character, and his interactions with other characters.  While some characters can hide their Dark Side alignment, it would take major control, and probably actually be a skill that could be spent elsewhere.

The Final Word

So, this is my game idea/proposal (if anyone knows anyone at Bethesda or LucasArts, show them this please, haha).  Do you have any ideas for this game that you think I left out?  What would be your ideal game?  Please comment, start a discussion, whatever.  Thank you for sticking through this blog, and may the Force be with you.