Hello, people of Game Informer.  As soon as I found out about GaMe, I knew it was something I had to do.  I had actually come up with this story idea earlier, but I adapted it to fit GaMe #2.  In addition to Le Hannibal, I used two other GIO members as characters.  Enjoy.



            Clone commandos were respected for their skills and decisiveness in combat.  Only the Jedi were more revered in combat during the great Clone Wars.  However, there were two clone commandos whose fame rivaled even that of the Jedi Masters they fought beside.  As clones, they had no birth name, but each took a name for themselves that could rally confidence in their allies and create fear in their enemies.  They were Le Hannibal and Jolt.  Their whole lives they had been friends, but in the end, one fundamental disagreement would tear them apart.  This is not a story of their many conquests.  This is the tale of the deaths of two legends.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


            The caves of Andaris glowed from the luminous crystals that protruded from the walls, ceiling, and floor.  Hannibal could see no signs of enemy occupation, and he relayed that information to Jolt.  Jolt, in turn, informed Jedi Master Saint of this.  Saint nodded.  “We are one step ahead of our foes.”

            Hannibal didn’t understand the Jedi, but he always respected them.  They were wise, powerful, and tactically sound.

            “The massive energy readings are coming from something a kilometer north,” Jolt stated as he glanced at his scanner.

            Hannibal, Jolt, and Saint had left the battalion of clone troopers at the entrance of the caves to guard their backs.  They were alone in this strange place.  Their mission, given by the Jedi Council, was to find the source of the strange energy readings and scout the area.

            The narrow cave stretched on and on, until finally opening into a wide cavern.  Situated in the middle was a massive glowing crystal that emanated a red light.

            “I’ve never seen anything like it,” breathed Saint, while Hannibal and Jolt were breathless.  Jolt glanced down at his scanner.

            “The energy readings are coming from this crystal.  It’s getting stronger the closer we are, as if it can sense us.”

            “It is alive with the Force,” Saint said.

            Hannibal was completely awestruck by the crystal.  Almost without thinking, he reached out and touched it.  His gloved finger made contact with the crystal, and immediately the crystal turned black.  Hannibal heard a crack, and the crystal shattered into millions of shards.

            “What did you do?” Saint yelled.  Anguish was evident on his face.

            Hannibal drew back.  That’s when he noticed the strange glow his shields were producing.  “I’m glowing!”

            Jolt stared at his energy scanner, which was pointed directly at Hannibal.  “You won’t believe this.  All the energy that was coming from the crystal is now coming from you!”

            Hannibal stared at his hands in disbelief.  His shields were now emanating a strange red glow.

            “I think he… absorbed… the crystal,” Saint stammered.  “I’ll have to get you back to the Jedi Temple to be examined.”

            That was when Hannibal heard an urgent beep on his comm unit.  This was coming from his emergency channel, and he was trained to answer it immediately.  To his immense surprise, the Supreme Chancellor himself appeared on his visor.

            “It is time,” Palpatine croaked, “execute Order 66.”
            A million thoughts rushed through Hannibal’s mind.  Order 66 was never supposed to be used.  It was a backup, in case of a Jedi uprising.  But there was no uprising!  Saint was entirely innocent here.  But he knew what he was supposed to say.  “It will be done.”

            Hannibal heard Jolt say the exact same words, and knew he must do something.  Saint was his friend, he couldn’t kill them.  However, from Jolt’s posture, he could tell that Jolt was intent on following the order through.  Hannibal knew he had to act fast.

            Seeing Jolt’s wrist move towards his rifle, Hannibal shot his arm forward and grabbed Jolt’s wrist.  With a quick yank of his arm, Jolt was on the floor unconscious.

            “Run!” Hannibal yelled to Saint.  Jolt wouldn’t stay unconscious for long.  Their suits were specially designed to keep them active for as long as possible.

            Saint’s face was filled with questions, but he realized that Hannibal was serious.  He took off to the entrance of the cave.  He would stand a better chance against an entire battalion of clone troopers than against Jolt.

            Hannibal raised his pistol and pointed it at Jolt.  Jolt pushed himself up, and looked up at Hannibal.  “Why?” he pleaded.

            “Saint is our friend!  We can’t just kill him!” Hannibal yelled.

            “Orders are orders!” Jolt countered.  He pulled himself up to his feet.  In one smooth motion, he removed a vibroblade from a sheath and sliced Hannibal’s pistol in half.

            Dropping the broken gun, Hannibal grabbed his own blade.  Squaring off, Hannibal knew Jolt was at least as skilled as he was.  This would not be an easy fight.

            Jolt lunged at Hannibal, but Hannibal sidestepped and slapped the blade away.  Hannibal took advantage of Jolt’s opening and sliced, but the glancing blow was easily absorbed by Jolt’s shields.  Backing away, Jolt raised his blade to a defensive position.  Hannibal lunged, but Jolt countered and slashed his blade across Hannibal’s visor.  Hannibal’s HUD showed his shields drain, and the blade left a scratch on his visor.  He was far from finished, though.

            Hannibal feinted, and Jolt reacted exactly how he anticipated.  His blade shot at a target that wasn’t there, and Hannibal used this opportunity to tackle him to the ground.  Jolt reacted faster than Hannibal had anticipated, and when they hit the ground he felt a blade pierce his chest.

            Even without his HUD, Hannibal knew the wound was bad.  Fatal, without proper medical treatment.  Jolt pushed Hannibal off of him and pushed himself off the ground.  Seeing Hannibal dying, Jolt readied his blade for a mercy kill.  “Goodbye, friend,” he breathed, and a tinge of sadness radiated from his voice.

            As he felt the life drain from his body, Hannibal heard a voice.  It encourage him, strengthened him.  It was the voice of the crystal, echoing through the Force, giving its power to Hannibal.  In a moment of clarity, Hannibal knew what he must do.

            The energy gathered around Hannibal, building quickly until it reached a critical point.  As Jolt’s blade was about to pierce his armor, a massive burst of Force energy projected from Hannibal, sending Jolt flying to the ceiling.  A crystal rested right above him, and his armor provided no resistance as the crystal impaled him.

            Hannibal lay on the ground staring at the mangled corpse of his friend.  Blood dripped from the hole in his armor.  It splashed onto Hannibal’s visor as his vision turned red.  When all he could see was blood, a bright light began to consume his vision as Hannibal became one with the Force.