Hello all, again. I just wanted to write a quick little something today about an achievement of mine. I recently just hit 3 years of being here at this lovely Gameinformer.com website. A huge achievement if I may say so myself. I've had such a grand and wonderful time here, I just want to provide you guys with a bit of how I came to be where I am today here on this wonderful site. 

So, three years and one-ish months ago, I received my monthly Gameinformer magazine at my house. This April cover would send me on a wonderful video game journey full of video games I might not have cared for and friends I would have never have met or associated myself with (y'all on twitter are crazy, but I'll get back to that). If you're not sure what cover I'm talking about, it was the cover for the amazing game Portal 2. I can remember getting really excited for all the possibilities of this game and wanted to learn as much as I could about the game. At the end of the magazine, there's always the "Join the Gameinformer community and learn more video game details at Gameinformer.com (paraphrasing)." So I plugged in the URL and came back to the Portal 2 hub every day to see what kinds of awesome tidbits I could gather about the game. I lurked the site for the entire month of April. At the end of the month, after seeing all the comments from people and seeing how nice they seemed, so I joined. One of the best decisions ever. My first ever article I commented on was about some Halo Reach screenshots

I mainly stayed on the news articles mainly because I didn't realize that there was a blog section. One of the first blogs I read was Dan Ryckert's conceived Air Force Gator idea. I still think it's a dumb and crazy idea at the same time. Eventually, I found that little "all" button that exposed me to user blogs and the first blogger to capture my attention is almost everybody's pick, Saint. 

The biggest reason I stayed all these years was because of the relationships I'd made. It wasn't until really after my first year that I started to break out of my shell and talk to people. This happened when Stranger (now known as Skyforger) wrote a blog about a GIO skype chat room. Here, I thought, is a great informal way to get to know people. So I joined and I'm ever glad I did. The chat is basically on life support now, but it had a good run. GoldvsSilver is another great friend of mine. Even though we're both super busy and don't talk much, we both enjoy each other's company when we can. DJH is a third great bud. We talk regularly, and each conversation is always something else. He also let me join his Game Network story, which was tons of fun. Other great friends of mine here are Mojo, Hannibal, Jolt, EE (he's back right? I think I saw a blog from him recently.) and his GaMe idea, Caudex, and many others that I know I'm blanking on but you know who you are. 

So, that's just a bit of my time here. I'm extremely grateful for these last three years here. I know I'm now the most well known veteran here (I can call myself a veteran, right?), and I'm trying to remedy that. I'm hoping to being more active during the summer months once my first year of college is done. That means more blogs, more forum stuff, and comments and opinions on people's blogs and the news articles. Thanks for reading and being such a great community.