There will be spoilers for at least the first episode of The Walking Dead. 

Read at your own discretion. 

Here is my second edition to the WGWC. This one doesn’t touch on games, but instead something else that has invaded games and pretty much every other medium. Yup, I’m going to be talking about zombies, mainly reviewing the first season of everyone’s favorite zombie show, The Walking Dead. This might take a while, because I love explaining stuff, such as context and backstory. So let’s get into it, shall we? 

I will start off with saying that I’ve never been a fan of the horror genre. I won’t even consider watching anything related to zombies or anything else. So why would I ever consider watching a show about zombies, or ever be interested in them, for that matter? To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can answer that. I think it might be maturing tastes, though my love for everything Disney (movie wise, and everything the man himself did, at least) will never fade away. Anyway, I can start with my interest with zombies. It started with one of GoldvsSilver’s 30/30 blogs about the Day Z mod. This really piqued my interest, because while zombies definitely had a role to the game, it brought out a whole new depth to this post-apocalyptic world. Continuing on, I started getting more and more into zombies, like discussing zombie plans with my friend, which I’ve never done before. 

Anyway, A couple weeks ago, I was spending the week at the same friend’s house, and we decided to watch the first season of The Walking Dead. We watched all six episodes in the course of three evenings. I was enthralled with this show. As I finished up the first episode, I knew I became a fan, not just of the show, but of zombies and the atmosphere surrounding it. 

Now for the actual review part of the blog. The story starts off with a man named Rick who gets hospitalized after getting shot during a runaway car scene. He is sent into a coma and wakes up after an unknown amount of time. The hospital is abandoned and in ruin. Rick shambles out of the hospital to find rows and rows of bagged bodies and an abandoned military set place. To shorten story, he heads to Atlanta to find his family. He comes upon a group of survivors and they take Rick back to their camp after gathering some supplies. Turns out everyone has been hiding nearby a quarry and just surviving. The story (for the first season) is really slow. At one point in the series, I felt everyone was safe, in spite of all the potential danger going on. The overall story is still compelling enough that you want to know what happens next, yet at a slower pace. 

The characters are some of the most believable I have seen set in that environment. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, as long as their own subtle, personal agendas. At one point, Rick wants to head back to the city he and some of the group were previously in, Atlanta, and retrieve some guns he dropped. On both sides of the argument, there was valid reasoning in either heading back to Atlanta and gaining some serious firepower, or staying back in camp and protecting everyone. What only Rick knew though, was a walkie-talkie he had in the bag that connected him with someone who saved Rick back in his hometown. It provided not only a way for Rick to let go of everything that’s troubling him, but also to send the helpful people the right way. 

So that’s the synopsis/review of the first season of The Walking Dead. While the show might feel sluggish at times, it all adds up with the great character growth and group survival skills. If you’re into zombies, or are just trying to find a new tv show to watch, I’d recommend this show. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try to find the rest of season 2 I haven’t watched yet on the internet. 

~Sora Three Ben