You guys all know about the high score format. Gold is first place and Silver is second place. But did you know that at one point, Silver rebelled? Well, instead of searching up this most epic battle, I decided to inject some of myself and my amazing storytelling. 

Bronze: What about me? Don’t I get to be a part of this story? 

No Bronze. No one likes you. People only care about getting gold or silver, not some worthless bronze medal or place. 

Bronze: That hurt my feelings. 

Well, I’m the author so I’m taking away your ability to not feel anything and fade you out of existence for this story. 

Bronze: NOOOOOOOoooooo…

That’s better. Now where was I?

Gold: Wait, I don’t remember this. When did this happen? And how can we fight each other if we’re just embodiments of a rank?

Don’t worry Gold, I got you yours and Silver’s imaginative backs. All you need to do is play along. 

Gold and Silver are first transported to a blue grid arena. They realize this is the Tron grid. 

Silver: Really Sora3Ben? You couldn’t pick anything cooler?

Well don’t blame me. This was the first thing that popped in my head. Now drive to your death!

The two ranks go head (or lightcycle) to head and start zooming around the ground. Gold quickly traps Silver in a light cycle box. Silver, not wanting to be undone, skillfully weaves through the gold trails. Unfortunately, Gold had made a really tiny gap that was nearly impossible to squeeze through, which proved too much of a challenge for Silver. Silver’s lightcycle is de-rezzed into tiny bits of data and the two are then transported onto a roof of a very tall skyscraper. 

Gold: You just had to have Kingdom Hearts in your story didn’t you?

You know what Gold, if you don’t shut it, I’ll make sure that you will die a slow painful death by the Origami Killer, Pyramid Head, and that really creepy Amnesia monster.

Gold: Alright, Alright, I’m sorry. I’ll use your silly little Keyblade weapon you love oh so much. 

Silver: Hah! You just got told. 

The two summon their keyblades, Gold’s being Three Wishes and Silver’s being Sleeping Lion. They run after each other and start swinging their Keyblades. Gold once again took the upper hand and the offensive, leaving Silver to deal with defending oncoming blows. Silver  countered and ran away, getting some distance between him and Gold. Silver let loose a Firaga, because we all know the most powerful magic spell is the best. Gold becomes engulfed in flames, slowly burning. He used Aeroaga to blow the fire off him and sweep Silver off the ground. Silver used Graviga and cemented both he and Gold, going back to duking it out with the keyblades. Silver not knowing how much longer he could hold out, kindly asked the all-powerful author for some assistance. 

Silver: Hey, I know you just described my action, but since this is a fourth wall story, I have to ask you if I can get some help. Also, I really like the setting, very good battleground and a really good game to if I might add. 

Oh, thanks Silver. Here, I’ll give use this summon that’ll help you win. By the way, if you ever try to flatter me, I’ll make sure Bronze will be the second rank. 

Silver: Ok, ok, no need to get your story ideas in a bunch. 

Silver unleashed his summon, which turned out to be none other than the best Kingdom Hearts summon ever, Genie. Genie helped Silver utterly destroy Gold in the battle. Now this should be a best of three battle, we’ll have Gold and Silver battle in… um…

Gold: Halo!

Silver: Soulcaliber!

No, we’re not doing any of those. I got it. A race over in the Mirror’s Edge world. First one to get to Mercury’s base wins the battle. 

Silver: I wasn’t expecting this kind of challenge at all. They should have this in that rumored Mirror’s Edge 2 game for multiplayer. 

Yes, they should Silver. Now you two, on your marks, get set, GO!!!

The two run off and take similar paths to get onto the rooftops Gold manages to find some piping and AC vents while Silver starts climbing up through the train station. Gold takes the lead, and easily jumps and weaves between generators, and pipes, and all that other great stuff you find on rooftops. Silver finally manages to get atop a roof. He spots a crane a few buildings over, and heads that way. Silver runs up to the top of the crane and jumps onto the foam pad below. He sees Gold run right past him. 

Gold: Hah, you’ll never win Silver!

Silver: Just you wait. I’ll catch up. 

It turns out that I hadn’t spawned them to far from Mercury’s base. Just as the two were nearing the base, Bronze suddenly appears with an assault rifle and guns down Gold and Silver. 

Bronze: I WIN!!! Yes! I shall now take my rightful place in first. 

Unfortunately for Bronze, I wasn’t feeling too happy about his sudden reappearance. So I spawned Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, and that creepy Amnesia creature. Master chief stuck a few plasma grenades on Bronze and exploded him, Gordon kept whacking Bronze with his crowbar, never saying a word nor changing his emotion. And then the Amnesia monster just sliced creeped the heck out of Bronze. 

So there you have it folks, the most epic battle between Gold and Silver. Oh and that stupid Bronze too, but we don’t talk about him. I made sure he won’t suddenly appear again. 

Bronze: Help! Anybody? Won’t someone answer me?

Joker: Oh don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’ll be taken care of. Harley! Where is my laughing gas and knife?

Bronze: NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo…

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