Disclaimer: There might be some spoilers to the games. Just a heads up for people who haven't played or are playing through. Oh, and this might be a little long, due to my over-explaining nature. Also, forgive my lack of military terms. Most, if not all, will be incorrect. And one more thing, the characters might be a little out of context. This is kinda my first fictional piece with characters that have appeared somewhere else. 


Kasumi Goto is just enjoying another day aboard the Crubile. She's amazed that all these races, the Asari, Salarians, Geth, Rachni, and a few other species are working together without so much of an argument. One day, Kasumi overhears some Salarians talking about a failed mission between the Turians and Salarians. She wonders if her ol' Turian friend Jolt Kylic was among the lost. So Kasumi slinks away off into the shadows to the extranet. What she finds is a video of another Turain soldier who goes by Taron Hannibal. She starts the video and here sees him talking to Jolt. 

Start Video

Hannibal: "You know, the humans have this person who goes by Batman. They say he's taken out an entire squad of Krogans with just his fists."

Jolt: "Pssh, whatever. I bet I could take out this so called Batman no problem. The humans are probably exaggerating. Most likely he just survived the encounter. Our squad would have difficulty surving three Krogan, let alone a full squad!"

Hannibal: "Whatever calibrates your gun, Jolt."

Captain Kirrahe: "Alright everyone, time to get moving. We're not far from the checkpoint. And let's step it up you two, I don't want any of this nonsensical 'Batman' stuff."

Jolt and Hannibal: "Yes sir!"

Fast forward

Jolt: "Ugh, we've been walking for hours. Why are we even here again?"

Hannibal: "Beats me. Intel was light on the details. All I know is that we need to drop something off, and the Salarian squad needed some extra firepower."

Kirrahe: "Shh, we're nearing the spot."

As they climb over the hill, they spot a huge chamber in the ground, almost exactly like the one that the legendary Commander Shepard had found. The morale of team dropped to zero almost instantly. 

Kirrahe: "Alright men, I know HQ never told you about our mission. But remember, if we hold the line, hopefully we will make it out alive. Jolt, do you have the item?"

Jolt: "Sure do Captain. But I'm not sure this will be enough to destory the Reapers sir."

Kirrahe: "Don't worry. A couple shots out of that and the Reaper is sure to go down. Now remember cr-"

Captain Kirrahe was interrupted by the opening of the chamber. Everyone got their guns and drones ready for battle. All of a sudden, meteors came crashing down, the soldiers opened fire on Husks, Cannibals, and Marauders. 

Hannibal: "Jolt, don't you wish that the Batman person is here right now? I bet he could take down the Reaper and these guys."

Jolt: "Hell no, he couldn't get past the first husk. Believe me, punching them does not do any wonders."

Suddenly, the Reaper rose out of the chamber and everyone starts retreating, hoping and praying to the spirits and goddess to make it out alive. Jolt and Hannibal see their friends and colleagues become incinerated and overrun by the Reaper forces. As the two Turians see their way off the planet, the Reaper beam catches Jolt's lower body. Hannibal stops and picks up Jolt, carrying him to the transport. The duo make it to the vehicle when Hannibal says:

Jolt: "You gotta get off world Hannibal. I can take care of this."

Hannibal: "No! What'll happen with all of our arguments? I need someone to argue with."

Jolt points his gun at Hannibal and forces him to enter the ship. Hannibal reluctantly gets in the vehicle, and the ship takes off. 

Jolt: "Goodbye kid."

Jolt pulls off the M-920 Cain off his back. He steadies it and lets it charge. He knew he had to wait for the perfect moment. As the Reaper takes charge and sets his sight for the ship taking off, Jolt knew this was the moment. He released the charge, flying towards the Reaper's laser eye. The shot makes contact, forcing the Reaper to stumble backwards and explode. All of a sudden, Husks crowd over Jolt, but are shot off by Hannibal. Hannibal picks up Jolt and carries him into the ship, taking off for the Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel. 

Jolt: "Thanks a lot. Didn't think I'd actually make it."

Hannibal: "Did you think I'd really let you die on me?"

End Video

Kasumi is relieved that Jolt is ok. "I'll have to visit him soon, maybe take some time off," she thought. 


Thanks for reading my debut into Gamify Me. Hope you enjoyed it.