So I'm updating this and reintroducing this because the official first edition of A Blast From The Past is on a month from now. Below, I will update this with extra members and how the edition will be structured. Enjoy!


Hello all, I'm back from traversing the mountains and stars in my brain and have come to share with you my very first and newest series. I call it *dramatic pause* A Blast from the Past


Now you all may be thinking, "what is this new series," "what is it all about," "what would make me care," and "Why are you doing this weird, dumb asking-the-questions-for-me ordeal?" Well, I'm here to answer all these questions and maybe a little more, except for that last one. I won't be answering that one. 


The inception for A Blast from the Past came a couple days ago as I was looking at my GI magazine pile (ok, more like thinking about it). I noticed how a lot had changed within the past 5 years of the magazine. I noticed how most of the games on the covers are all games we hold pretty high on our favorites list, while others have faded away, some becoming a cult classic, others not being heard of by most people. So I thought, why not reminisce about the past and see what was new and exciting 5 years ago. 


That is the purpose of A Blast from the Past. To talk about (and maybe have discussions) about the magazines. I and the others (I'll get to that in the next paragraph) will write about the cover story, the previews, reviews, and the other smaller parts of the magazine (such as the letters, top ten, and opinion). This will be a monthly thing with each blog coming out around a week or so after the cover reveal. I also have other plans for this series if it turns out to be a success. But's that's for another blog if this takes off. 


Our first edition


Now as much as I would love to do this all by myself, there is just way to much for one person to do all by themself. So, I've arranged this to be a multi-person series. As of right now, I have the mind of me, Stranger, Le Hannibal, Hut and GoldvsSilver in the group. We will be taking different sections of the magazine (previews, reviews, etc.) and compare them from 5 years ago and today. And each month, we'll all be switching it up, so you'll never see someone do previews two months in a row. We are always open to more people joining. All you have to have is an archive of GI magazines dating back to July 2007 (or somewhere close to that date). Just leave a comment on my profile and I'll get you hooked up. We could have you join for the August 2007 edition, which is Prototype. 


So let me know in the comments below (hey, I sound like a Youtuber I want to become) what you think of my idea and if you'de like to be apart of the rotation. 


Happy gaming,