Hello fellow gamers. It is I, Sora3Ben, once again. I have come back (from where, I've no idea) to grace you with my sheer awesomeness. Mainly because DCUniverse is downloading on Steam and I have nothing else to do, but whatever. 

This is going to be what we call a "shorter" blog because this is more of an announcement. I will be attempting what no gamer (just kidding, someone probably already done this) has ever even considered to do. I will attempt to bring back to life a past-gen console. Can you guess what it could be?


Yep, this bad boy. 


I will try to fix my old dreamcast and make it fully operational again. I have a bunch of games that my family received back when we played this console. When I fix it up (when I find out what's wrong with it and, hopefully, not break it) I will start playing these games again. I was thinking of doing retro game commentaries on Youtube. 


So that's my major announcement (that I've had for, like, 2-3 months). What do you think of my idea. Please leave your thoughts below in the comments. Thank you and I'll see you guys later. 


Sora3Ben out.