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Season Two Recap

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After six months my sophomore season of Rogue's Adventures has come to an end. I framed this season over my excitement for the next wave of tactical-RPG Kickstarter games, such as Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity (now Pillars of Eternity). Isometric CRPGs were my bread and butter for years and I can't wait for their upcoming renaissance. I knew I wanted to replay the old Fallout games to get me back in the mood and create a more recent frame of reference, but about halfway through the season I changed up the schedule to better incorporate some recent games that still had similar mechanics.

This season I also tried out our first Bonus Game Round, where I polled my friends and followers to see which game I should play first out of a list of several games from my backlog. The winners ended up as a tie so I played both Half-Life 2 and BioShock 2 to start the season. About halfway through the season I changed the whole schedule, started live streaming some of my gameplay, and broke my own rules for Rogue's Adventures in replaying games I'd already beaten as well as adding a completely new game to the schedule in Shadowrun Returns. For specific reasons on why I played each game in Season Two, check out my Rankings below.

I also played my longest games this season; where previously my games had been 10-20 hour Adventure games, this season I managed to tackle a Classic Ironman XCOM run (Top Ten Moments) and Fallout: New Vegas with DLC, taking about 50 hours and several weeks for both. Because of this I finished about half as many games as I did in Season One, but I still felt very satisfied and pleased with how this season turned out.


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Season Two Schedule


Game Estimated Hours to Complete Start Date Total Hours/Completion Date Goal
Half-Life 2 (Bonus Round) 14hrs 5/13/2013 15hrs/May 24, 2013 May-13
Bioshock 2 (Bonus Round) 15hrs 5/29/2013 17hrs/June 12, 2013 Jun-13
The Bard's Tale 16hrs 6/18/2013 14.5hrs/July 9, 2013 July 4th 2013
Fallout 24hrs 07/16/13 17hrs/Aug 1, 2013 Jul-13
Shadowrun Returns 12hrs 08/07/13 16hrs/Aug 21, 2013 Aug-13
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Live streams) ~30hrs 08/27/13 45hrs/Sept 27, 2013 Sep-13
Fallout: New Vegas (Live streams)
~50hrs (+5hrs per DLC) 10/07/13 37hrs/Nov 14 (w/DLC 52hrs/Dec 5, 2013) Christmas!


Half-Life 2, 15 hours over 11 days = 9.5hrs/wk

BioShock 2, 17 hours over 14 days = 8.5hrs/wk

The Bard's Tale, 14.5 hours over 21 days = 4.8hrs/wk

Fallout, 17 hours over 16 days = 7.4hrs/wk

Shadowrun Returns, 16 hours over 14 days = 8hrs/wk

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 45 hours over 38 days = 8.3hrs/wk

Fallout: New Vegas, 52 hours over 59 days = 6.2hrs/wk


TOTAL Hours/Week = 7.5


My goal has remained 5-10 hours per week towards Rogue's Adventure. Last year I averaged 7.89hrs/week, so it's nice to see that even with the much longer games towards the end, I still managed to devote the same play time this season. The only one that fell beneath 5hrs/week is The Bard's Tale, but a big reason for that is that I was out of town for the July 4th holiday weekend. I think I'm allowed a few vacations from my backlog!

This season I finished up Fallout New Vegas a bit earlier (mostly because I skipped the first DLC) then I intended and decided to take a brief hiatus over the holidays to let all the craziness and new games settle in before starting Season 3. Ideally I would maintain the two seasons per year schedule with the mid year break in June-July, and I think I'll try to schedule the seasons like this in the future. Once again, and my page on Backloggery proved invaluable for creating a schedule and keeping up with the numbers.


Season Two Stats (parenthesis are last season's numbers for comparison)

Total Tweets by @RoguesAdventure - 1587 (1880), an average of 227 (171) per game and 9 (14.5) per hour of gaming!

Total number of screenshots taken - 2196 (1550)

Average number of screenshots per game - 314 (141)

Most screen captured game - XCOM with 655 (TLJ 303)

Live streams - XCOM - 14 total episodes, FNV - 11 total episodes


The Rankings

Comparing games are tricky, but at least last season I played almost only a single genre. This time I played story-driven first person shooters, tactical role playing games, turn based strategy, and Action-RPGs. Trying to compare these games directly is futile, but I'll attempt to rank them based purely on the amount of fun and/or nostalgia I had in my experience. I also included a sentence or two on why I chose to add that game to my schedule and how it fit within the season.

  1. Fallout (Final Thoughts #15) Old school tactical cRPG in the veins of the new Kickstarter games, and I'd only beaten it once or twice previously.

  2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Final Thoughts #17) Another game I'd played and beaten before, but I knew it would make an awesome game for live streaming, and was excited to name soldiers after my friends and watch them be heroes or martyrs. Also obviously very tactical!

  3. Fallout: New Vegas (Final Thoughts #18) Wanted to also play one of the modern Fallout games, as well as a game made by Obsidian Entertainment. Hadn't actually beaten it before.

  4. BioShock 2 (Final Thoughts #13) Tied for Bonus Round winner.

  5. Shadowrun Returns (Final Thoughts #16) Cheated a bit as it was a new game that I added halfway through the schedule (replacing Fallout 2), but the style and gameplay was exactly what I was looking for in this season.

  6. Half-Life 2 (Final Thoughts #12) Tied for Bonus Round winner.

  7. The Bard's Tale (Final Thoughts #14) Wanted to play a game developed by InXile, developers of upcoming Wasteland 2.


I'm still enjoying my time with Rogue's Adventures and find it the perfect motivator to keep me playing through my backlog and writing about my experiences. It's been great timing that I can stop right before the craziness of the holidays and pick back up in January when life has settled back down. This season also got me started on the awesomeness of live streaming on and producing videos, which has been a ton of fun and yet another way for me to connect with people and motivate me to playing through my never ending backlog of games. See you next season!


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Read my one year anniversary post on Rogue's Adventures and my backlog.

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