I like Coach, he looks and sounds vaugely like my uncle(s), random fact! 


           I  finallyplayed through all 5 campaigns in left 4 dead 2, it is, indeed, a totally refined experience that makes L4D horrifically dull in comparison. The campaigns are varied, the gunplay is excellent, and the cooperative elements of the game still make it strongly appealing. In  the single player (which this game is not), the AI companions are morons, they are slow, they lag horrifically behind, making you vulnerable to the infected, they waste health packs, they have no problem letting a tank knock them up, or running up to a witch in the face.  You go in one direction, and they take another elaborate path (pathfinding is wayyy off), and by the time they get to you, you're dead., AND THIS WAS ALL ON ADVANCED!!  GAWD!!!  PLAY ONLINE YOU SAY!?!?, cant!, everyone on my friends list is playing MW2, or something else, and I'm convieniently silver for the moment. so Im going to have to wait for some people to play before I go gold....


 Most Frustrating campaigns alone on advanced:


That poor Gnome, he never got to see the other side (spoilers FTW!!)

Dark Carnival (trying to get GUARDIN' GNOME achievement)

4hours 24 min

16 restarts

I killed 4,024 zombies

9,341 zombies killed


Getting SOB story in single player is another achievement itself.

Heavy Rain (trying to get SOB story acheivement)

3hours 3 min

19 restarts

I killed 2,933 zombies

5,344 zombies killed