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A Quick Recap

I'm back!!! I haven't made a blog in a while, and it's mainly because I've brushed up on my film class skills and made some interesting yet fun short films. All editing was done by me, and I actually acted in one of them and was a reporter for our news video, but that's on a different video. Whatever, it's weird that I'm even posting this, but it took me forever to get these to look great and I just feel like everyone should see it, so just watch 'em.

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

This is my best work so far, and it came out really well. It got about 2nd-3rd (we don't really rate) when it came time to watch our films on DVD, but I did get a cool award for Best Editing. By the way, I made it glowing to make it a bit more abstract from real lighting. Just to go with the song. Credit to Jac and Marleigh.


The Game

You'll have trouble understanding it, but it had to be stop-motion, and just so you know, the background changes for each channel they change it to. 


I have a few others on my Youtube channel that I've already made, so if you wanna see them, go ahead. Now to answer some of the blogs that have recently been made.

To Meta77: I completely agree; why is it that the more mature games get, the less mature the players act? It seems like mature games are being bought for those who actually aren't age appropriate at all. I think true maturity goes to those who can both handle a mature title and adult persona.

To Candle_Light: Here's 5 of my own random questions.

1. Where is Waldo?

2. Will dogs and cats ever reach harmony?

3. What happens to the people who stay on the bus after you get off?

4. I hit a baseball with a bat at 100 mph. The ball flies up at an angle of 45 degrees respective from the horizon. If gravity is still on the ball, where will I be?

5. Spell silk. Say it three times fast. What do cows drink?