Well, a lot's going to be happening in 2010, and it's already started now. New demos for the next hot games have been slowly picking up speed, and they've started off with some clinchers. Here's the ones I've been playing so far, and some of them are from 2009 as well, so it's just the ones I'm enjoying.


I'm not gonna lie, she's hot. And that's not the only reason this demo is awesome, it's just that this provided something I've never seen before; guns attached to shoes. I've never seen that before, and that kind of innovation makes me happy. But let's not get too hasty; the graphics are stylish, the music has that fighting spirit tone coupled with a Japanese singer (I think), and the action as well as the moves are amazing. It's Ninja Gaiden 2 without the ridiculous difficulty and way better selection of weapons, as well as some awesome torture finales and huge bosses. Although it's reminiscent to Devil May Cry's gameplay, the combos are so addictive as well as adrenaline-pumping. Unfortunately, it's a confusing story, but I might buy it just for the action. By the way, doesn't she look a bit like--


Dante's Inferno

Now this game is totally similar to Bayonetta in that it fits in the same category. Bloody, brutal, and gory combo streaks just to reach the next boss. I don't know if I would consider these types of games fighting games. They're more like what I would call BASS games; Bad Ass Super Swordsmen/Swordswomen. Whatever, the demo starts out with you ridiculously fighting a bunch of underpowered prisoners with scimitars, and you are told to kill them all with your awesome combos of destruction. The combos aren't as numerous and heart-stoppingly gorgeous as Bayonetta's, but the fine detail they put into everything, including the deformed and atrocious enemies, make the game look a bit more worthwhile than Bayonetta. Plus, it looks like a way better story than it, considering that it is strictly based off the 9 Gates of Hell. Plus, there is a naked chick in the demo. Only from the waist up, nothing below. If you were to buy the game just because you saw some topless video game babe, you should be ashamed -_-

Shadow Complex

I should have bought this game a long time ago. This demo is addictive. I've probably been through it about 10 times so far. From what I can tell, it's a conspiracy about the vice president being killed, as well as a special suit that has been developed. Two hikers find a cave and one disappears while the other searches for them. Then, you hear her in trouble and two guys take her into a secret base where you must break and enter secretly. The fact that it's a platformer is fun, but it completely changes in the sense that you can aim the gun you use unlike other games that have trouble perfecting the art. It's actually well done. The graphics are great, the story is a bit choppy but understandable, the gameplay is phenomenal, and it feels like Pitfall only with guns, bosses, and mechanized weaponry. It is a great demo, as well as a great game.

Trials HD

Again, this is another game I should have bought by now. Finally, a motocross game that is nothing like a typical motocross game! I love the challenges. These courses are fun but tough. I love how you can edit your own map using special bits and pieces, and you can customize as well. Do we need a real story for this? No. Is the gameplay good? You betcha. How about the graphics? Good enough for me. This one's just one of those games you play when you just feel like taking it easy for a bit. It's the enjoyable, yet lax game that I enjoy, and that's why I love this demo.

These are only the successful demos out so far for Xbox 360, but I would also love to try ModNation Racers as well as the MAG demo. But, those are just the games I've been playing so far? Do you guys have any demos that you enjoy playing? Even old ones count, so post what you've been playing.