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Quantum Theory Won't Be A PS3 Exclusive

                        Quantum Theory Won't Be A PS3 Exclusive                         

That's right folks. Tecmo has been working on a game called Quantum Theory, a third-person shooter copycat of Gears of War. The game was going to be a PS3 exclusive only, and it would have been a prime jab to the 360 library, all while Team Tachyon producer Kohei Shibata made claims that "Simply, it's the most powerful hardware." But, a disappointing bash toward 360 seemed to mean nothing when they decided to make it exclusive to the 360 as well. Unfortunately, the producer had nothing to say this time, but the move to 360 can be considered obvious, since shooter tend to fare better on the 360. It is also known for its quality when playing Unreal Engine games, like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament III, and has been known for the best shooters around. Do you think the switch was based on how shooters sell on the 360? Does this lower the value of the game to PS3 owners? Will anyone really want it if it's completely similar to Gears of War on the 360? Here's some evidence in case it didn't satisfy your appetite.

Here's a link to the information, as well as a video: