For those of you who have already played the game, I'm sure that by now, you know what I'm talking about. For those who don't, *SPOILER* as you progress through the Animus's tale, you will randomly encounter some hidden heiroglyphics or "glyphs" for short. They aren't well-hidden and they're easy to spot with Eagle Vision, but when you scan them up close, a strange voice will overpower the screen and it will be blocked out by black prisms for some reason. If you beat the puzzle that he provides, he gives you a small video clip of some strange tale that has something to do with The Apple of Eden. This repeats until you have found all twenty glyphs, and once you find them all, be ready for a wild trip.

The video clips are merged and organized into one large video, which has two people, a man and a woman, who sprint out of a building with the apple and leap to the other skyscraper. They climb through it to look through more glass and see workers laboring in the background. They scale to the top and the woman says something, but the man sees something hidden to the camera and the woman says, "Look out!" Through further analysis, I have speculated that after hearing the rantings of Subject 16 and his talk of "power is corrupted" and God and the spiritual bond between Adam, Eve, and the Apple, obviously I can safely say that those two represent Adam and Eve, while the Apple represents power, and the thing that the man sees could be God or something that God commanded. A little religious and somewhat strange to talk about in a blog post, but if you watch the video clip provided, I think you would get a better look at what I am saying. Post what you think about it, and what it could be.