As I sit in my office early this morning, I needed to take a break from the already 3 hours of time I have spent at work.  I couldn't sleep so I came into work at 1 am to get a jump start on my long Friday work day.  It got me thinking about what the next three months have in store for me in regards to all the great games I have at home just waiting to be played.

I work for a public accounting firm performing audits of company financial statements, so along with tax accountants this is my busy time of the year.  The days of 12-16 hour days has already begun, and with that the ability to reduce my backlog has come to a halt.  I do not come to complain because I am grateful to have a job and I do like what I do, but I also love playing games, but the free time that I do have at home needs to be given to my family for the time being.

All of this is made even more difficult with the fact that I have my PS4 sitting at home with NBA 2K14, AC4, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to play.  I also recently got A Link Between Worlds for my 3DS, and this month's PS+ free games are games of DmC, Bioshock Infinite, and Brother: A Tale of Two Sons are all games that I have not yet played, but have been on my list of games to get and play.  So as these games add on top of many others, I sit and read the many blogs and articles here on GI as I take short breaks throughout the day, and I am jealous of those of you who get to play.

In my anticipation of the work craziness, I have worked hard to try and get through a few smaller gaming projects which included finishing Knack in just a few days, and finally finishing Infamous 2 in an attempt to free of HDD space on my PS3 and also in anticipation of Infamous: Second Son which will be available by the time the busy time ends.

To those of you who have the time to keep gaming hard and continue to post great blogs on GI, I will continue to enjoy what you have to say.  To those of you who are in my situation, here's to a quick end to the madness and a quick return to the games we love!