Battle Log

Blue's Bulbasaur (Squirtle lvl 6)
Rattata (Squirtle lvl 7)
Bug Catcher's Weedle (Squirtle lvl 8), Caterpie (Squirtle lvl 9)
Bug Catcher's weedle, Kakuna (Squirtle lvl 10), Weedle
Bug Catcher's Weedle (Squirtle lvl 11)
Jr. Trainer (M)'s Diglett (Squirtle lvl 12), Sandshrew

Made it to Brock for an easy first badge...

Brock's Geodude (Squirtle lvl 13), Onix (Squirtle lvl 14)
Lass' Pidgey, Pidgey (Squirtle lvl 15)
Bug Catcher's Caterpie, Weedle, Caterpie
Youngster's Rattata (Squirtle lvl 16), Ekans,
Squirtle evolved into Wartortle
Bug Catcher's Weedle, Kakuna, Metapod (Wartortle lvl 17)
Lass' Rattata, Nidoran (M)
Youngster's Spearow
Bug Catcher's Caterpie, Metapod (Wartortle lvl 18)
Lass' Jigglypuff

At this point I made it to Mt. Moon where my very first encounter was actually a Geodude. I got it down to 6 HP and used tail whip two times to make sure I would catch it with the first ball. Caught it and nicknamed it Joakim. From here on out I will be fighting with only Joakim. So I'll need to back track a little to level it up some more for Mt. Moon and definitely will need to level it to be able to beat Misty. The current stats are listed below.

Joakim (Geodude lvl 8) IDNo/26214 OT/ RED

HP 26 ATK 18 DEF 23 SPD 8 SPC 9

On my way out of Mt. Moon I fought...


Who took my life to 2 HP. I was able to walk out in time without any other encounters and made it to the Pokecenter where I healed and saved for the night.


Badges 1
Pokedex Seen 18
Time 1:25