So basically after seeing the pictures online of the tombstone for a 5 year old boy named Joakim I decided that I would make it part of my time with Pokemon games to catch a Geodude every game and name it Joakim in honor of his love of Pokemon. I will keep it as a Graveler and through each game and chronicle my journey every day I play on this blog.


10/5/13 (Start of Blue Version)

Created a new game of Blue version. My characters name is RED and the rival is BLUE. Since its Blue version I'm going with Squirtle as my starter. I will only use the least amount of Pokemon needed as I will only be using Graveler as my Pokemon. This means I will only use Squirtle till I find a Geodude from then on I will only use Geodude as my only fighting Pokemon. The only other Pokemon I will catch are ones that I need to be able to use certain HMs to complete the game. I will beat the game using no items besides HMs. No potions, no escape ropes, no rare candies, nothing. I will beat every trainer I know about. Basically trying to do a minimalist completion of the game item wise, but beating every possible thing I can in the game. As mentioned I will chronicle my game every day when I finish playing. Hope you enjoy the journey.