I wanted to share with you guys first why I feel so strongly about extra life, and secondly of something really cool that happened to me today. Extra Life is a charitable organization of gamers put together by the guys over at sarcasticgamer.com. First off, I'm doing extra life because I have had a very personal experience with cancer in my family. My older brother, who means the world to me, had testicular cancer when he was nineteen. Luckily, he caught it early enough and he was healed. But I wonder what could have happened if he had caught it later and the cancer had spread? Would my older brother still be here today with me? Would we still be able to play the bass together or go hang out at guitar center? I don't know, but I know people who do. The people affected by cancer struggle every day. The kids have to struggle with this horrible life threatening disease and the parents have to watch their own child go through so much pain. I remember how broken and battered my family was, when all we could do was ask God why this was happening and to please heal my brother and best friend. Please, I beg of you, if you haven't donated yet, I will post my link at the bottom of the site, and if you feel so led, please donate. If you don't donate to me, that's fine. Donate to Dave or Doc or Lono or the other great people at the site trying to raise money for this cause. Also, My second story is how my little sisters helped me. I got into extra life fairly late, and all of my friends have had trouble in the recession. On this date I had just around 150 or so dollars. I really want the t-shirt that you get for raising at least $196 so that next year I have a good way of advertising for extra life. This is where my little sister steps in and donates the rest from her own money that she was saving for an iPod . I now have around $200. Thanks sis, for helping me but mostly for helping the kids. Anyways, I just wanted to share this so I could hopefully pull a few heartstrings and remind you guys why we are doing this. It's not just for the games, or the people we are hanging out with at the event, it's mostly for the kids. Thanks.