Hey I just wanted to give my impressions... on the impressions of other people on Divinity II. This game looks to play a lot like Fable except for one small detail: you can turn into a dragon. Yes you heard me right. A large freaking dragon at that. The game also has an interesting take on the choices of the Fable series. Instead of two choices, one good and one evil, you can make lots of choices, from good to evil to worse. Taje this example: A woman is married, buy she loves another man. Do with this what you will. One thing you can do is read the husbands mind, which reveals to you the location of a note. The note tells you about the husband murdering his wife's first love. You can them black mail him, collect the money, and kill him and everyone else involved. Or, you could start off by killing him and the wife will run away to the man she loves. Interestingconcept if you ask me. Anyways, that's all I have for now.