Would you play a Harry Potter MMO? You could roam Hogwarts for your first 49 levels (seven levels for each year in Hogwarts)and you could be sorted at level one to see which house you should be in. After Level 49, you could move on to be an auror (basically a magical SWAT guy), taking down dark wizards and learning powerful spells that were illegal to Hogwarts students or become a powerful dark wizard, usig the forbidden curses too help you on your way to power. You could roam around the magical world, including Hogsmead, the forbidden forest, The weasley's house, Durmstrang, Beau xbatons, Godric's Hollow  and more! Sounds cool, right? You could have PvP duels and wars. You could create potions to take with you during quests and go to classes to learn spells and gain experience. You could play quidditch with your friends or compete for the Tri-wizard cup! All of the coolest moments from the books and movies could be in there. How cool would this be? Well, there has been rumor of this for a while and, if you ask me, this universe seems ripe for a game that's actually worth playing.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Would you play and what would you like to see in it?