First off, I apologize to all of you blue grass fans. Just because you like crappy music is no reason for me to patronize you. Now, on the important stuff. Today, I played the demo for Brutal Legend...

The demo starts off in a cutscene filled with obnoxious wannabe metal heads, decapitations,  and awesome metal demons. Sounds like a pretty good start right? If you said no because of the obnoxious metal wannabes, you should change your mind. They are the ones that get decapitated. Or do they? One interesting thing you see in the opening cutscene, besides the great graphics, is a menu that lets you decide whether you want gore and language. Personally, I said no to language and yes to gore. If you had said no to gore, however, the annoying punks keep their heads. Where's the fun in that?

After the first scene (I won't spoil all the details for those who haven't played it) you get transported to a magic land of demons and metal. After being chased by some demon druids, you grab an axe and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. You also get a crazy guitar called Clementine that can shake the earth, summon lighting, and send enemies flying with stage pyro. Next, you ride a demon walker down a mountain of skulls, meet a hot chick, slay more demons in an epic car you built, and decapitate a crazy looking worm. Wow... Best demo ever. So the answer to my ttle? Definitely metal. Noooooo Blue Grass involved THANK GOD!

Thanks again for reading and go download this demo!!!