Score: 7/10

For those of you unfamiliar with the Battlefield series, seriously where the hell have you been? BF 1943 is a remake of the WWII game using the Frostbite engine (from Bad Company). What does that mean for you? Things blow up rather nicely.

The Good:
This game is cheap, $15 on Xbox Live. Vehicle combat is more than satisfying, and destructible environments are a huge bonus. Nothing says win quite like blowing a hole in a wall and storming the castle Kool-Aid Man style.

Although the classes are very basic, they make for a very unique rock-paper-scissors combination. Infantry are short ranged units with an anti-vehicle arsenal. Riflemen have semi automatic rifles with long range and more than a handful of grenades. Scouts are your generic sniper class with remote charges for those sticky situations.

the Bad:
Absolutely no customization and only three maps. you join a game, pick your class, die, and repeat. There is a bit of server lag and hits do not always register. Snipers and riflemen will find it difficult to line up their shots because of bullet delay, and save for head shots, sniper rifles take two hits to kill enemies. that means if you are lucky enough to hit a moving target, you'll have to tag them again before they go out of line of sight or spot you and pelt you with counter fire. The assault rifles on infantry have ridiculously bad accuracy, and riflemen... well their guns shoot freaking grenades, a good thing until you're on the recieving end. Oh yeah, no single player at all, lame.

Vehicles... where to start? Like all other Battlefield games I have played, the physics engine for anything with wheels is dreadful. Merely tapping another vehicle or helpless rock with your jeep/tank/plane sends it into a violend seizure. Jeeps and tanks have about 12 horsepower and stall on a 20 degree hill if you didn't floor it ahead of time. And the planes, well the default controller configuration is all kinds of screwed up, thank god it can be changed.

The Salty:
There is a cool trophy system in the game where you are rewarded postcards and bonus experience for doing anything above and beyond the call of duty. The downside? no reward. You can hit max level or die fifty times in a match: there is no incentive to do well, there isn't even an achievement linked to ranking up. This game is an average shooter with a decent engine behind it and an unbeatable price tag. Seven Kool-Aid Marines out of ten.

BF1943 gets 7 Kool-Aid Marines out of 10.