As some of you may know, I have a serious problem of buying a whole bunch of games and then barely touching them. This creates a large backlog that I would like to get around to, but is generally left alone while I find some other games I need to buy.


So, I have decided to challenge myself to help lessen the backlog and give myself some experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have decided that I am going to try to play one game for each letter of the alphabet by the end of the year. I will complete the game’s main story and write a review for it. I wanted to do LPs for them but I don’t have the equipment or resources to make that happen, so we’ll just have to stick with written words.


Yes, that basically means that new games are going to be the ones on the back burner, but at least I’ll start clearing out some of what I already have. I’m sorry, Dishonored…I will always have high hopes for you.


I have made a list of the games I plan to play for my challenge. Some I’ve already played this year, so I have a bit of a head start. I will not do any unlisted RPGs or “games that can’t be beaten” like simulation games (Zoo Tycoon, Minecraft, etc.). You may call that cheating, I call it only having 6 months to play 20 more games to completion.


But I do need your help. There are some letters that I’m not completely sure of what game I want to play to represent it. There are games that I’m terrified of offering as options for you to choose because I just know they will be terrible and you will all take joy in my suffering. But I’ll let masochism win out and let you all “help” me with this. I appreciate it in advance.


Asterisks (*) represent a letter I only have one title for, but I am willing to consider other suggestions.


A – Alan Wake, Alice Madness Returns, Avatar

B – Beyond Good and Evil, Bastion, Braid

C – Captain America, Conduit, Condemned

D – Darkness II

E – Eternal Darkness, Epic Mickey

F – Flower

G – Game of Thrones, God of War

H – Half Life, Heavy Rain

I – Infamous, Iron Man

J – Journey

K – Klonoa*

L – LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

M – Mass Effect 3

N – No More Heroes, N+

O – Okami*

P – Prototype 2

Q – Quantum of Solace*

R – Radiant Historia

S – Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

T – Transformers: War for Cybertron*

U – Uncharted*

V – Velvet Assassin, Van Helsing, Vexx, Vampire Rain

W – WET, Walking Dead Episode 1, Warhammer 40K Space Marine

X – X-men Origins: Wolverine, XIII

Y – Yakuza*

Z – Zone of the Enders*



If you have a suggestion for a letter that has more than one option or has an asterisk (*), feel free to leave a comment about what it is and why I should play it. Even if it is just because you know it’s bad and you want me to hate video games.


Please try and keep suggestions within the realm of these systems, as I am not willing to buy new consoles for this challenge: DS, 3DS, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360. Also remember that since my intention is to complete each game, I am not doing any unbeatable games or unlisted RPGs for this challenge as they will take too much time.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for your help!