WWE 2K14 was probably, if I'm not being too objectional, the greatest wrestling game of all-time. Quite possibly, the best action sports game of all-time as well. The idea that it's the best sports game ever made all around is still up in the air, but at least it fits itself at 1st, in two other categories. Now you say to yourself, what made it so good? Was it lacking in any aspect? And the honest truth is, that answers are provided for those questions in this blog.

For starters, I would like to give a quick shout-out to myself. Now, I know what you all are thinking, I am being a narcissistic, chauvinistic, self-centered writer at this moment. And you may be right, but I'm doing it for the sole purpose of accrediting myself with the accomplishment of the difficult task known as, the 1 Year Barricade. I achieved this task on June 2013, and will achieve the 2 Year Barricade next month. How exciting right! Been making a name for myself on this website since Day 1, accumulated a lot of really neat friends, and learned things about myself that I never knew; things that I could do and apply for the betterment of my future.

*claps hands loudly once* NOW! That the mushy stuff is all out of the way, and I have explained myself and my small accomplishments without being too abrasively braggart, let's get back to the real topic at hand. The topic, that I have proudly put on the table before us all. So, the question comes up again, what made WWE 2K14 so good? The answer to that question is known as the development team. The development team is like the bowl, spoon, milk, and oats to a bowl of cereal you are about to eat. Without these necessary components or for you sciency people out there, variables, the cereal would not be. It would not exist. It would not be something that you can enjoy on a daily basis. You instead, would be seeking a fulfilling pleasure from something that due to its state of non-existence, would get nothing, all you'd get is a bunch of air. The development team put in a lot of work to make the game what it was. They upgraded the graphics, the A.I., technical speed, programming of the characters, and a whole lot more that set itself so far apart from previous renditions of the WWE series.

Now, you could say that maybe its the shift from licensing the game to the likes of THQ and Yuke's, to 2K Sports, upgraded the game because the teams changed and the philosophy behind what made a good WWE game changed; and you may be right again. You may have hit the jackpot, hit the home run ball, shot the game winning basket, scored the overtime touchdown, killed the final enemy, but there is one thing that didn't quite sit well with me after I had played WWE 2K14 for as long as I did. And that pure annoyance that cannot be denied is the characters offered in the game.

The wrestlers make the game. A lot of times, whether or not someone purchases the game depends on who and what's on the front cover art along with the title. When WWE 2K14 was announced, and the trailer was shown for the game for the first time on a particular Monday Night Raw, (wwe program that comes on every monday) the hype was greatly intensified from a fan like myself's previous nerve racking suspicions. It looked like it was going to be absolutely perfect. It looked like 2K had finally outdone themselves, and let loose their creative genius and make a sports game finally worthwhile again. And in the most part they had. Until shortly after the game was released, gamers realized that not all of their favorite wrestlers were available. What short-changed us a lot, was that the divas had to be downloaded as DLC. They were on a special pack, and you couldn't just have them. Now don't get my words follied. I am a big fan of DLC, and I think it's a very cool part of the gaming experience, but when it comes to games like WWE, DLC should not be necessary for the full wrestling experience. The game in my opinion, should automatically have all the current wrestlers and divas of the time programmed into it. Older wrestlers and divas should be unlockable based on the achievement or level of achievement or even the match tourney; how they end up winning. Because this was not something that was highly sought after by the developers as a major point in the success of a WWE game I am hopefully going to reach out to them in this blog, with my idea of who should be playable in this years WWE 2K15.


I feel like divas being an exciting front to the table and have good moves therefore, they should not be withheld from the gamer if he can't get or afford the DLC to go with it. P.S., who doesn't miss the bra and panties match?!!


All attitude era wrestlers should be unlockable, along with their multiple styles and colors. The Attitude Era was the best time for wrestling, and the number of talented superstarts filled the roster; both acting wise, and just being a great wrestler.

  • GM'S SHOULD BE PLAYABLE/ (Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Teddy Long, Vicki Guerrero, etc.)

Who wouldn't want to see a good GM Showdown!!


~ I hope you all found my blog entertaining, enjoyable, and informational. Providing knowledge and a persuasion all at once. Have a good day! Oh, and follow me on twitter if you want: @austinludden_17