So this year, I decided to try the ultimate challenge of completing a 31/31. I was able to do it last year for Halloween, but when I attempted to do it for December, I fell off of the boat and failed miserably. This year is going to be different.. Let's hope. I'm going to be coming up with topics every day to write about to make this 31/31 as special and fun for you, as it will be for me.

Topic of discussion today: Christmas Plans//

Most people have them. Except for those who are heavily traditional in their religions and celebrate things like Hanukkah, which I have some friends who do. And to be honest, it's very interesting when he discusses what they do on each day. Anyways, everyone else usually has christmas plans.

Whether, it be hanging with family or just chilling all December like all of the other months, being the type of person that has no form of holiday spirit whatsoever, EVERYONE HAS SOME SORT OF PLANS DURING THIS TIME.

I for one have specific plans this year which I am pretty excited about. I will hopefully be spending my christmas with my dad. This is significant because I haven't seen him in such a long time and it is both nerve wrecking and exciting to be able to hang out with him during Christmas time with a nice week long visit. I will definitely be playing a few cards and trying to see if I can get some sweet trips out of the picture. I would like to pay a visit to some really nice spots in California and find some places where I can get some cheap retro games. I am missing a good number of the Pokemon on the Gamecube and will probably have to get a new one this Christmas. Hook me up! *laughs*

I also plan on visiting a good number of my family members who haven't seen me since middle school whereas I am now a senior in high school. *the audience questions* I know right? Talk about an ambiguous mind blow! Things have definitely changed between those 5 years and hope that I can still connect with some of them like old times.

And last but not least, let's not forget games. I plan on picking up a lot of retro games and hopefully a least about a dozen 3ds games and the Zelda edition of the 3DS XL. I would pee myself if I could get that. And I am hopefully going to be able to rack up enough money from distant relatives in the mail to be able to pick up a gold edition wii with controller to complete my custom collection which I had originally sold.

I hope all of you have some nice things you plan on partaking in and maybe you'd like to share a brief description of these plans below? Let me know what you guys think, and I'll see you tomorrow. Good night...