What's better?

I know I haven't been consist with my blogs in a long while and I am going to explain why.  My gaming hiatus was completely accidental. I have tried to find opportunities to play games but everytime I did it didn't last long and I was stuck playless, and feeling uncomplete. I will now be more active for two reasons. One I have my laptop on its way, and two, because I have just bought a Playstation Vita, and I could't be more excited. I was actually surprised when I bought it, because I was having a pretty interesting conversation with the employees who we're giving me reasons why the Vita is better than 3ds or why the 3ds was a better choice than the Vita. Throughout the entire conversation I was listening to opinions and staring at them, because honestly I had already put together my own reasons why I bought it.


You can say the main reason I bought the Vita instead of the 3ds was because I felt that the extra money was worth it. I tested schematics, watched plenty of videos doing comparisons, future game releases and I was swayed some what I will admit for awhile, but I never fell off the boat I was already on.

For one the Vita has better applications offer. The offering of Netflix, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype makes it a obvious choice for that reason. The 3ds offers Netflix but I have been told by actual customers that the Netflix on the 3ds tends to be glitchy and freezes because it is implemented on two different screens. Whereas, the Vita has it offered on one giant HD screen. The 3ds also only offers one application besides its basic browser is Netflix.

The second reason was the selection of games. I came close to giving this round to 3ds because of the Nintendo Wii U Crossplay it offers and it being able to play GBA and original DS games. Until, I stumbled upon an official Playstation article released on their site that stated that many PS1 and 2 classics would be formatted and offered on the PS Vita. I was ecstatic! The reason being was because I had had a PS1 and PS2 for the longest time and really enjoyed most of the titles. I mean can anyone disagree with the fact that the entire Syphon Filter series and Final Fantasy 6-9 is offered on it? I would think not. Plus the Vita has over 223 official titles released for it since launch. This includes retail copies and digital.

Another reason I bought the Playstation, I'm going to be completely honest, I am not the biggest of the two screens offered on the 3ds. I get confused sometimes, what screen am I supposed to be staring at. I like the idea of having one nice large HD screen to stare at while I'm playing games, not two with a 3d depthifier... that thing can get blurry and annoying.

The only downfall to the Vita I have found so far is the having to purchase a memory card. I am not so fond of having to purchase a card everytime mine gets too full or having to delete files that I don't want to. But I can handle that compared to the other things that I believe are downfalls of the 3ds. Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

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