Hello my friends and fellow GIO members ! It is I, Hawke. Today I have a GaMe story to share with you guys. This week it is on Dadarkheart. It took me a while to come up with a GaMe that could match his level of intensity, insanity, and personal characteristics. Which he allows displays in his blogs. I know they are not due until tomorrow. But I wasn't sure if I would have access to my household computer to be able to write it by tomorrow, so I decided why not write it today. So without further reprimand, please enjoy. P.S. ( This is my first ever GaMe so take it easy on me :P ) 




A trip to the Asylum

It was thundering outside. Dadarkheart awaited a word from Batman. Anything really, so he could focus on something else, rather than pacing his eyes back and forth at the phone. It rings.......

" Hello, hello, Batman, is that you ? " 

" What ? No, this is Chet from Chet & Ina's Pizza, yah did you want anchovies or sausage on your pizza ? "

" Huh ? Oh sorry, zoned out for a second, I'll take sausage, anchovies are disgusting. " 

" Don't knock em' until you try em' dude. " 

" Ya, no thanks. " 

" Your pizza will be ready for pick up in about 30 mins. " 

" Okay, thank you. " 

35 mins. later....

Dadarkheart has finished the last of his pizza. His stomach is full but not his conscience. " Where is Batman ? , " he thinks to himself. The phone rings again....

" Hello, hello, who is this ? " 

" Dadarkheart, it's me Batman. How are things going down at the Bat Cave ? " 

" Fine, just fine Batman, nothing to worry about. Is there anything I can do while your gone ? " 

" Well, right now, I'm accepting my 344th key to the city.... Here's a job, will you head down to the Gotham City Asylum for me. I need to pick up Dr. Latner's newest serum. He wants a final analyst on it and he asked me, but I'm not here, so.... -- " 

" No problem Batman, I'm on it. " 

As enthusiastic as Dadarkheart sounded on the phone, was as unenthusiastic as he was when he actually arrived there.

Dadarkheart had never been to the Gotham City Asylum. Batman always went, but he preferred to go alone. He suggested it was the only down time he really had to think to himself.

Dadarkheart creeped up the broken, primrose brick stairs expecting terror, horror, and sickness to await him on the other side of the white, window-glass framed double doors. To his surprise it looked like a normal hospital. Nothing but unattractive nurses, and sickly patients in beds and wheelchairs rushing about. Dadarkheart thought, " Did Batman send me to the right place ?

Still in shock, Dadarkheart asked the woman at the counter where Dr. Latner was located. 

" 37B, asylum floor. " 

" The...the...the asylum floor ? , " Dadarkheart said stutteringly.

" Yes, see in this hospital 1A to 36D are the hospital floors. Whereas, 37A & B  are the asylum floors. " 

" Great... " 


Dadarkheart made his way down to the asylum levels unsure of what to expect. He just wanted to get the serum and get out as fast as possible. Shoot, he didn't even mind chilling with Alfred. Which, Dadarkheart always hated.

" Dadarkheart, haha ! Batman told me you were coming to the pick up the serum. " 

" Yes you crazy old bat, can I have it now so I can go ?  "

" Now, now, no need to rush into things. You can help me first. Then I'll give you the serum. " 

" Huhhh... What do you need me to do ? " Dadarkheart sighed.

" Nothing to big. You see that patient over there ? " 

" Ya, why ? " 

" He is in some sort of dilemma. Well, you could almost call it a detriment on his part. " 

" Why ? " 

" He needs immediate surgery on his left arm and he refuses to allow me to fix it up for him. " 

" Why ? What happened to it ? " 

" He chopped it off. " 

" Ohh.. " 

" He said he was bored. " 

" Now, I see why he's in an asylum. " 

" Yes, which is what I need your help with son. I need to convince him to accept the treatment. Then he want have to stay here anymore. " 

" Sounds like a pretty solid deal, what's the treatment ? " 

" I was going to give him a metallic arm. " 

" Like what. Super bionic or something ? " 

" Precisely. " 

" Shouldn't be too difficult. " 

Dadarkheart walks over to the patient.

" Hey, buddy. You should accept the treatment Dr.Latner wants to give to you. " 

The patient closely watches Dr. Latner and then stares at Dadarkheart with fully dilated pupils. 

" No, no, noooo ! I won't accept anything he has to offer. " 

" Why ? " 

" He's a madman. You need to leave ! " 

" He's not too bad. A little psycho, but that's all. " 

" Run, now ! Before it is too late ! " 

" You know Dadarkheart, you should really listen to what he has to say. " 

" Huh ? " 

Dadarkheart turns around. 

( Gun clicks, and explodes ) 

Dadarkheart lays twitching on the floor, blood spilling at every angle. 

" Why, why, are you doing this ? " He manages to utter.

" Why ? Why ? Maybe because I dislike you and Batman both. " 

" YOUR A MADMAN ! YOUR A VILLIANOUS SACK OF ---- " the patient yells. 

( Gun clicks & explodes ) 

" I got tired of that guy. "  Dr. Latner mutters coldly.

Dr. Latner moves around Dadarkheart in a full circle, repetitiously as he explains.

" You see Dadarkheart, it wasn't Batman who called you. It was I. I used one of voice mimicking patients and had him talk to you, as if he was Batman. Then, I awaited your coming. I knew Batman would be smart of enough to realize how crazy I was, but you had never seen me before, so I knew you'd be the perfect target. Finally, after all of this time of waiting I have achieved the ultimate goal of catching you Bat freaks. " 

" You won't get away with this, your a sick twisted man." 

" Ohhh, poor Dadarkheart. I already have. " 

( Gun clicks & fires at Dadarkheart ) 

Dadarkheart dies....

" It's good to be me... Hahhaahahahhahhahhahhahahaahhaaaa !!! " 

Dr. Latner leaves the room. Blood everywhere.....


Hope you enjoyed Darkheart !