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Mike's Short Blog: I am back with some updates!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last blogged here in GIO, but I’ve been a busy person. And it is great to see GIO’s blog section still passively active and full of marvelous content. But I come today with the purpose of announcing a few things. Note, that this could be a short blog:


1. I’m back to stay and blog every week



One of my reasons to stop blogging here in GIO was the lack of interest of writing a blog. That and the fact that I am pushing through hard times, college stuff and game design & development business. But I feel like I should express myself with my fellow gamers and devs too, so I want to write blogs again to give my opinions about stuff and have a chat with the ever growing GIO community. Heck, I still talk to some GIOers from my time in Twitter and Facebook about writing a blog time to time.


I will blog once a week starting Monday, giving my opinion about the latest news and gaming trends (maybe even more). I could do twice a week, but that’s as much as I can do. Also, I plan on reviewing various indie games, since I write about indie games in a Puerto Rican gaming page, so I don’t see why I should exclude my GIO family from explaining my thoughts on the games. We could even start a conversation about the games. 



2. I have some small games I made for you to enjoy… I hope :/


In a Game Jam hard hard at work.


Last month, I finished and released my first small game “Final Galleon Stand”. Very small, that it involves 2D ships battling in the sea a la Arcade style and hold off the enemies as much as you can. The main purpose of creating this game was to get the hang of the engine Game Maker and learn its programming language which is very similar to JavaScript. It took me roughly a month and a half to finish it. Started its development shortly after the Global Game Jam. You can download the game here!


Art done by Gabbi Rios as the banner for Final Galleon Stand


I’ve also been working on another game, Detective Jane, since last December in a Latin Game Jam. We got third place with the first demo and reveal for it, and the team thought it would be a nice idea to actually go through with it and develop some more of it. It is a detective game of sorts that my girlfriend wanted to work with. I helped her a little bit on how to develop the story plot for the first case and worked 100% on the engine itself (RPG Maker VX Ace). There was a “Closed Demo” version a while back that a few people got to try out, but we’re releasing a slightly longer version of that first demo and make it public now



2 days ago, Detective Jane's Demo was one of the most populars in RPG Maker's Steam Workshop.


Feedback is 100% welcomed! Don’t hold back on that!


3. For those who remember Gamify Me, there could be some good news…


Back when I used to blog frequently, there were a lot of awesome bloggers who also loved to write stories a lot. So for those gaming writers, a member of the GIO blog section created something called Gamify Me, or GaMe for short. The series was sort of a contest, in which bloggers would whip up a game story that revolves around a GIO Member that won in the previous week’s contest. The previous winner would read all of the stories and choose the best story and name the winner of the week, which would get “Gamified”. This encouraged people to socialize with members and get to know them as well. 


Aw Yis!


A few days ago, I was talking to 2 faces of Gamify who coordinated the series and were talking about a possible return of this series. If it does, we will let you know. 


4. I will be live-streaming next weekend a small game development experiment, which people like you and me design and develop small 2D/3D games.


I was planning to do this for today through the weekend, but a lot of things came up and I’m in no mood.  What I will be doing is an experiment of sorts, in which I will be creating games with you guys. In short, we will be creating games! The reason I am doing this is an experiment of sorts, which you (the gamers or devs) and I learn something new and implement it in the games we’ll be creating. This could be program wise or life wise or anything at all. Every 2 weeks, I’ll pick 3 gamers who will stream with me through Twitch and sit down and design & develop a game.


Also, the community will contribute in the chat section and such for a lot of things so don’t think that just because there are other people in the stream doesn’t mean that you are excluded on everything. The idea is to do something friendly and have fun creating games. I don’t care if we make mucus that has the ability to shoot fireballs and all, this is to have fun. While many other devs looked down on this and said that “Time is precious and money”, my time is dedicated to learn and create games. Sure, I may want to win some bit of money to pay off my student loans (which I hope it will happen at some point), but my passion to have fun while creating games tops my greed. I will leave a notice in my Twitter account for when it happens. Want to be featured in the live session? Contact me here!



Well, I wanted to keep this blog lower than 1k words, so Imma wrap this up! I am eager to start again in the blog section and share with you guys. Hopefully I won’t be gone again for a long time.






Team Captain (Lead Designer/Director) of the Jolly-Jolly Roger Studios.