Many of those who follow me in Twitter, have me in Facebook (Only trusted users get that far) or read my blogs, know that I'm studying Video Game Development in college (even though I'm suspended until August due to GPA thanks to working with Disney but no regrets) and that I'm working now on one RPG game. It's been a dream of mines since a kid to work on video games and make enjoyable games. 

Back in my Middle School years, my closest best friend, John, introduced me to RPG Maker 2003. While N00b at the time, I got my hands on it and see what does what. A few months or a year after, I managed to get the hang of the program and actually make decent small games for my friends to enjoy. Me and John were known for our dedication for art and small indie video games. We continuously kept getting the other RPG Makers that got out.

And since now that passion is close to becoming a career, I feel more than nervous. But my first choice of career wasn't always Video Games. First it was Art. I studied a year of Commercial Art, becoming one of the top alumni of the class, specialized in both Hand Drawing and Adobe Art Programs, such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm not a Pro-Pro, but I can defend myself.

I also design Custom Controllers for friends from time to time. No Charge either.

But then, I also wanted to pursue my career as a Computer tech, which ended with my teacher saying that I could do a whole lot better by just going for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. By that time, I met with the love of my life that I'm with right now. And she also pushed me to go for a Bachelor's Degree as well.

2 Years into the whole Degree, I wanted to pursue my dream as a Video Game Developer & Designer. I found colleges across the US like Full Sail and Devry and got applications, as well as calls from their offices. I was totally psyched. However, my dream was crushed when my parents completely disagreed for a second time because of the costs. I had no choice but to stay behind.

And then, it seems that Fate just wanted me to smile. My college started it's own Bachelor's Degree on Video Game Design & Development. I quickly changed my Major without hesitation. Things were completely looking up, and I also met a few friends in the first Game Design Class. It was exactly as I thought it would be: exhilarating. 

So, after my Game Design Class, I decided to jump my own rope and create the college's first Video Game Design & Development Group. We did get that privilege from the Informatics Director to create the group. We had a first game that we were working for the Windows Phone. However, that project fell apart.

This past 2 semesters that I've been suspended, it seems that life itself wants me to smile and keep pushing forward. How? Here's life's twisted way on making me smile and push me forward:

- First, I sort of got tired of using the CryENGINE and Unreal Engine with no success, thanks to my crappy laptop. So.. what does life bring me to my face? "Hey, remember this? You were really good at it, and your friends loved your small games with your humor. Sure, they weren't long games, but they totally loved the jokes and small stories." I almost completely forgot that I could make non-commercial and commercial games on RPG Maker. And my years of practice completely pays off, even if I have to work on the Script Editor part of the program (which is the C# Programming of the game). However, it is quite simple to make games in this program, and many other indies totally went for a commercial game using this program. So I decided to give this a try. Another Dev from my team, who also uses this program, agreed to do so.

- Next hint life threw at me was in the cover of my newspaper. I was talking to my friend about my career path as a Developer. I questioned myself if it was the right path for me, since I have a girlfriend that probably might not like the idea in the long run as a Living Career. So as soon as I say the following before picking up my newspaper: "Sometimes I just wonder if being a Video Game Developer is in my future." And as soon as I said that, my eyes ONLY caught the word "Destiny" in my newspaper. I was even more surprised that a video game got to be in the front page of the newspaper, which is close to NEVER! But the whole "Destiny" thing didn't cross my mind until GIO's own Cthulhu follower, Caudex, pointed that out to me in Twitter. I thought it was probably a coincidence.

- Then the following happens. I was talking about the possibilities of my probable failure as an Indie and take my game project to Kickstarter. That "We might not even get funds... at all. We hardly even know enough people to even make the funding goal" comment of mines sort of backfired when I saw this. Why? I hardly even know who is Psychotic Psoftware, let alone how and why I even followed him to begin with. It was probably the fact that he was an Indie and I followed him. Not too long ago, he reached his funding goal and more, and there is still 42 hours to go as of now. So why does this seem like a hint from life? Maybe it won't make sense to you, but what surprise me was both timing and the fact that he is a 1 man developer. Yes, he's working on the game SOLO! And I started my own project solo, and then turned to a team project, for many various reasons. He also wishes me the best of luck on the project, and that means a lot. "But his game and yours are different." True, then again, I found a game project that was using the RPG Maker and their goal was $50k... they got $70k... A better example as well.

- So for the this part it was more of a mind = blown situation. I was sitting down, watching TV, drawing Pixel Art in Graphics Gale and thinking about Kickstarter and those two projects I mentioned above. I wondered if I was ever to succeed using Kickstarter or using college funds to do the project, but I had my doubts on those college funds. So I switched channels, and I see this new drink called Kickstart... I was really confused since it's 2 letters away from being Kickstarter. What was even ironic was that I was watching CSI and they were at the ER as soon as the commercial was over... I didn't catch it at first, but after maybe 5 minutes into the show, I reacted. Turned off the TV and kept working on my game.

- This one is a Doozy. I just finished eating lunch with the girlfriend. She left for work, and I went to my room to take a break today from anything Developer wise. So what I do is surf the web to read articles and blogs about everyone's POV about the Video Game Industry, and that if there's any news that I should be aware of. Nothing different here, I guess. I turn on Pandora on my cellphone, and keep seeing stuff like Indies trash talking the big companies or some companies falling, etc. So I kept wondering again about the issue that if it's the right thing for me to pursue this Developer career. I completely sighed about a lot of these blogs, then this song pops out. I promised my Gf not long ago that I wouldn't go back on my word about going for Dev. I completely stopped reading, and said to myself "Ok, NOW this is getting weird..." This can't be a coincidence anymore. No, it cannot! But it does not stop there...

- One day in my life, I was going to have a brother. Only that fate didn't like the idea, and died before he was born. After that, I got my second and last sister. I once asked my mom what was my brother's name, to which she replied "Angel". Before the man you think I am now, I used to be religious. I always prayed for my brother, and always celebrated New Years on his name, because even though I never met him, he was still going to be my brother if he made it through. So after I got out of the whole religion, I still think that my brother is somewhere up there. Not in the religious way, but in my own special way of thinking. And after everything that has happened lately and the indirects of life, I tweeted that if someone named Angel gives me advice or pushes me to keep going to the developer path, he replies. I didn't know exactly what it said, so I used Google Translater, and spelled "White Angel Dragon"... He was pushing me to keep working on the dev career as well as finish my game project. Yeah.. guess who isn't gaming overall now? For now, at least.

I don't even know how to react to life's indirects anymore. Seems like it's a Fable already written down, and no matter what I do, I'm going to end up being a Video Game Developer. Other Video Game Developers that are close friends of mines also are pushing me to keep myself in line about it, but never thought about it as an indirect, but after what has happened, this is just too much. Looks like I'll be putting the Full-Throttle to Lunar Trace, everyone. Even though if it isn't today's standard Graphics & Gameplay, I feel like I should now. I give thanks to my close friends as well as close GIO & gamer friends. Well, this is my Semi-Final Blog, with the next blog talking about Lunar Trace, and the final ideas that will bring more life to the game before taking my leave for a while. From here AND gaming too. Cheers!