There's no doubt in mind that most of us gamers want to have fun with other players online, local or LAN. And I'm one of those people that like the tension sometimes in PvP games, because strategies change time to time, making it not repetitive in a way and enjoyable with friends. Games like Halo, Call of Duty, Killzone, any game that has Multiplayer modes usually end up being fun with friends, even if playing against other players online. Not always, but usually.

And while I do like Multiplayer modes, it isn't my main focus when buying games most of the time. Many won't agree with me, and it's fine, but Multiplayer isn't why I buy a game. I buy games for Single Player, and convenient enough, most of them bring Multiplayer. I'm fine with most of today's Multiplayer Experience is (without the hackers, glitchers and cheaters, I mean) because most of the time, there's a way around it. But enough of MP.

Single Player to me has mattered a lot ever since I grew up. It's not because I am a Forever Alone since I have a wonderful girlfriend, but games tend to have an impact on my life as a gamer. And that impact is simple: Story.

Unlike most gamers I know, my experience with Single Player games was more than an ordinary one. Why? Immersion in most gamers, means that they are interested in the story, like it and find an enjoyable experience that's worth remembering, recognizing and talking about. My case is more... different. When I'm not trying to look at the developer side of things, I tend to forget about the world around me in a way that it's hard to explain. It even gives me the goose bumps.

Games like how Heavy Rain did an impact of me. Many acknowledge this game as a true fine piece of art in terms of graphics and story. And the story made me visual more than just immersion. It inspired me in the positive areas of the game, like the house at the beginning, how happy the family is at the beginning, all those emotional values makes me visualize my future self. Of course, without the negative stuff like violence and trouble.

And it inspires my creative side a lot, as well as my personality side. Because I learn from these experiences, even if they are virtual and non-existent. Heck, I learned from Zelda and Mario that I should not let any obstacle stop me from achieving what I want in my future or dreams. Of course, without the whole "Stomping others and killing them in order to do it", that's not how I visualize it. My pursuit into my total Wonderland, even if it will never exists, I still continue to pursue it. Sounds crazy, but it keeps me happy and out of severe depression. It's healthy from what I'm told.

And the storytelling with it's atmosphere and music plus sounds makes me go at peace inside my mind. Yes, in games, there are tensions and moment where all that negativity simply overruns the Positive like GTA, but it doesn't mean that I don't like it. Sometimes I have to feed my dark side too. A balance of Light and Dark, quality and quantity. And when the right atmosphere hits in a game, where music, scenes, storytelling and sounds play just right, this is where my inner self goes in my mind:

Peace of mind, happiness with family, art and nature inspiring my every part of being.

Not only they just send me into a sort of futuristic happy place, it inspires my creative self into writing my own stories. For example: I did 2 (or maybe 3) entries in GIO's GaMe, started by xKing95x and usually hosted by DJH, and games inspired me to write stories, even if they are fan made using other real videogame characters. It builds up that side of me that wanted to write books and become a worthy Book Writer. I still do, but I also have other dreams that I must pursue.

And Single Player does all of this to me. Multiplayer doesn't for some odd reason. Yes, there are games that have Story Mode with Multiplayer, but the experience isn't the same because someone else is invading where I visualize my happy self. I can simply ignore it, but he's there and my mind can't take him out, which is why the experience isn't the same.

Let me explain an experience to see if I can try to show how my brain works when completely immersed in a game:

No doubt many of you know about Mass Effect. So far, Mass Effect 3 is the only game in this year that has scored a perfect 10 in GameInformer (that I know of). Despite that most of this game is full of negatives like shooting others and war, it has showed me that I need to defend what I'm proud of, where I come from and care about my friends or other people that are in need. Friends, family, people in danger... It shows me that I can do a lot for all these people, obviously taking out the negative stuff. 

And not to mention that it all pays off in the end. It showed me that no matter what, all the things I would have done big would be there for people to remember, even if I was still alive or dead. People like Martin Luther King and Christopher Columbus. No matter what, people know them for their biggest accomplishments, even after death. Mass Effect portrays this.

And it's musics and nature sounds plus amazing views, my inner self goes into this happy place:

That's a beautiful view...

Let me explain why this place. As a kid, I always wanted to be a plane pilot. As I grew, I kept asking myself a lot of questions about life on other planets, which sparked my interest to know about the cosmos and beyond the stars, which lead me to want to be an astronaut. I wanted an Telescope since I was a kid, so my parents took me to Puerto Rico's Observatory, which has the biggest telescope in the world, from what I hear. Plus it's where the final part of 007 Goldeneye was filmed at. Mass Effect took me to a journey that my inner self completely obliterated Depression and made me visual my dream home in a peaceful forest. I'm a fool for beautiful views, sue me.

So, places like these is where I get to visualize myself in the future:

Aside all of the things that it does for me in immersion, it gives me a reason to play something while I don't have Internet or Gold Membership on Xbox Live's case.

So my only thing to say to developers is to keep doing what they are. I find mostly positives in games rather than the negatives in their main Campaign Story. Just not to stop caring about the story and keep me immersed. I learn from these experiences, take out the negative values, find a positive moral, inner peace and future visualization... plus helps my creative side to grow to be a known developer in the near future. 

... I still don't know why games are targeted for a lot of controversy. Even I set a good example on how games do good on you.

Here's to games. You totally made my life turn around. My inner self feels at peace and developers should be proud. 

PS: Please, no trolling with stuff like "Find Positive Morals in Superman64 or E.T" or anything like finding morals in a complete negative-filled game. I'm not against violence in my games or anything, just that my Immersion experiences are rather different than most.