The Guy that dies 99.9% of the time Award:

Mike from Rescue: The Embassy Mission

Now, I remember my childhood pretty crystal clear, and I remember that I could never get Mike into his position in this game. My friend couldn't either as well as my dad and all the people I know. I've heard of people who could, but mostly, all I could hear was "That Mike never was good for anything. He always dies when I'm half-way there!" People who have played this must know that Mike mostly meets his fate, for some odd reason. Well, Mike, at least you're remembered.

Most annoying "Helpful" character Award


Navi has been quite helpful, but at times, her scream just... well, get's way too annoying, just like the Omochao from Sonic. Yes, there's Navi and Tatl, and both are annoying at times. So, let's make it official: The Fairies in the Zelda series are annoying. Oh, and don't get me started with Midna and Fi....


Character with the saddest story so far Award:

Dom's story hurt me the most, and it's not surprise. I enjoyed my time playing side by side with Dom until the end, and I have not regretted a moment of it... maybe once...


Most unoriginal original character ever Award: Steve (Minecraft)

Steve has got to be the most unoriginal original character. Yes, it sounds contradicting but ITS MY BLOG! BLARGH! Nevertheless, I never thought that his face would be iconic, yet it did. I'll go mine some caves now.


Annoying Antagonist of the history Award: Bowser

Kidnapping since the 80's and becoming a thorn on my side isn't how I picture my gaming history. Bowser has become more than annoying, but a chore, just like Ganon from Zelda. But Bowser is weak and annoying, which beats Ganon by a landslide as the most annoying antagonist in history. Go destroy some buildings for a change! 



Character that left an image burned in people's mind Award: Joker

Yeah.... That alone should explain it. No further comment.


Hero that inspires gamers Award: Shepard

From small to big, this guy shows more than effort. He shows emotion, values friendship, knows about the consequences, and regrets them like any normal human being. But that doesn't stop him. My Shepard held back enemy forces SOLO until backup arrived. That alone makes me feel good. 


Character that needs to chill down a bit Award: Kratos

Kratos does need some sort of anger management. He is cool like he is, don't get me wrong, but... from my point of view, he should calm down. at least listen to reas... eh no, he won't....

Came from nowhere and brought some fight with him Award: ODST Rookie

I expected to be a ODST when "Halo 3: ODST" came out, but my surprise was that I had to be The Rookie. I thought he would be weak, but he wasn't. He didn't speak at all, and let all the actions do the talking. That brings up back so much nostalgia from other characters.

The "could-be next" James Bond Award: Michael Thorton

Picture should give you a least a little bit of clue... He might be, though.

Needs new jokes Award: Duke Nukem

He needs more gum and a paper filled with new comebacks & jokes. Or just come back more badass and no talking while I'm blowing up pigs from space.

Would need both a Breath Mint and a Cork in it Award: Dovahkiin

I can't sleep at night because of his shouts in the night. Plus, my sweetrolls are missing and a dragon surronds whenever he calls for his name. I literally need to move... and a new wall.


25 down, 5 to go...


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