Let's start with basic characters:


When it comes to videogame characters, Mario is the most known through history. Well, that and Luigi, but he's not that important (I did that on purpose lol. Of course he's important). Mario has released so many games, it's not even funny. From Platformer, to RPG's, to sports, to music, to party games, to puzzle, you name it. Mario is practically the face of Gaming itself. 

The Ups:

Mario's games are pretty fun, mostly with a high replay value. I can't deny the fact that many of Mario's games literally made me want to replay it again. The Mario Party games are pretty fun when played with other people, and I still remember DDR Mario Mix. Super Mario RPG was also an excellent game that impacted me in my gaming life, as well as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Bros, etc. I just can't get enough of the Iconic Italian Plumber. 

The Downs:

It almost feels like Mario's rivalry with Bowser is being quite exploited, and irritating. Plus, Peach puts Mario in the friendzone too many times. Oddly enough, I've seen this situation with several characters besides Mario. It almost feels like there's not enough effort put into Mario's rivals. There's DK, there's Bowser, the Bowser Family, Wario, the ones from Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario, but that's it. The only time I've never seen Bowser behind the main plot is in Super Mario RPG and Mario vs DK. All I ask from Nintendo is to bring in more rivals to beat. Heck, put all of Mario's past Rivals in one platformer game.


Link, he'll come to town. Come to SAVE the princess Zelda! Ah, the legend continues. Link has been one of my favorite videogame characters since The Adventures of Link. The Green Grasshopper has been chosen more than once to defeat Ganon, and bring Zelda back unharmed. Not only that, the hero has been chosen in different times, different Links, and different Zeldas. Oddly enough, we only get 1 Ganon.

The Ups:

TLoZ games are pretty amazing with a decent story, plus challenging dungeons and bosses. Also, some mini-games also gives me a reason to stray away from the main quest like fishing or Arrow shooting, etc. Link probably has seen as much games as Mario did(But the numbers of Mario games is TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!) and most of the time, something new is introduced to enhance our experience(which should always be in Videogame Development). The thing that makes Link so iconic is that this character changes with time. Most people would refer to Link as 1 being through the series, when in reality, is many.

The Downs:

My only problem with Link is that he gets chosen by mistake most of the time. He didn't ask for this(Lol Deus Ex moment). He finds himself in a strange position, and he's obliged to go defeat the undefeatable  for most people. One day he's sleeping, then a fairy tells him to get his butt off the bed. One day he's playing with his sister, and she gets kidnapped. And when he thinks it's almost over, it's just the beginning... Bad Luck revolves around his life. Poor Link. At least he still saves the day... 


Greedy fat imitation of Mario, but he still got a few games where he saves the day. For a rival of Mario, Wario is a pretty swell guy, and funny. To be honest, I used to play more of his Game Boy games than Mario games. And why? Wario is fast paced, and pretty challenging for a Platformer game. Plus, his lifestyle is pretty funny, even though he is gross and so on.

The Ups:

Wario has seen his fair share of evil, even though he's pretty much in-between. The thing that I like about Wario the most is that his greed for money and thirst for power are the only things that keeps this guy up and running. Plus, he gers gnarly power-ups that Mario never gets to see or experience. Wario has probably gone through hell and back, and still have enough energy to keep up living what he loves the most.

The Downs:

Only down I find with this character is that we don't see him as much as we used to back then. Wario did leave a mark on the 90's kids. And only seeing him on Wario Ware, Mario Party or Super Smash games isn't really cutting it. Bottom line: We just need more of this guy.


Sonic has been around for a long time, and the Blue Blur Hedgehog has seen success and failure too many times. Still, the beginnings of Sonic's career did make an impact in my gaming life. Platforming felt so complicated and fast, and oddly enough, the first games didn't have a story, yet were fun and challenging, just like the Mario games. There was a story, but it wasn't important. Plus, this character is also an Icon in videogames. Not as much as Mario, but it is somewhat around Link's level.

The Ups:

When they started to add story to Sonic's games, it has been somewhat interesting when adding certain characters to the game. It feels like Sonic has WAY too many rivals, yet become victorious. Also, most of Sonic's friends either were or still are Sonic's enemies. Sonic has seen odd partnerships with Dr. Robotnik(Or Dr. Eggman for those who don't know) and end up fighting again later. Even so, at one point or another, Sonic's enemies put aside their differences and join forces to defeat a higher threat. The Power of Friendship & Alliance between enemies is portrayed here more than any other game. That has to be a good moral, right?.... right?

The Downs:

Sonic has been losing his edge lately. Sonic Generations wasn't all that bad, and it did return a lot of the things that people love about Sonic and his games. But, Sonic had a huge time-period where he lost speed(Sonic The Hedgehog 2006), or that the story was... strange(Sonic Unleashed). Not only that, it is getting quite irritating finding Robotnik being the bad guy in almost every game. Unlike Ganon of the Zelda series, Robotnik was never really a threat... did I just compare Ganon and Robotnik? I must be on drugs...


Donkey Kong:

This big guy right here? Kids from my era were bananas about him. I would hear his name more than 5 times a day, or maybe even more. His games were simply astonishing and enjoyable. Sure, there were times where it got annoying, but I could never get enough with his games. From the Country games, to N64, to his recent one in Wii... He's pretty Legendary too, since Mario and him were the first rivalry people would talk about in the Arcade era.

The Ups:

The DK games are really challenging platformers, which means the DK games are a must-play game for just about anyone. DK also made a really big mark on my gaming career when his N64 game got released. What makes this character so unique is that he wasn't always the good guy. In several occasions, Mario had to step in and do something about this Banana Crazy King Kong. Also, his strength was portrayed in the N64 game. He's just Iconic, let's leave it at that.

The Downs:

The Kong Family has been... an interesting one, to say the least. But there was one thing that DK failed to prove me wrong: he could not go on an adventure by himself. I mean, sure. I don't mind a duo going onto an adventure to defeat the big & bad K.Rool. But let's be honest... a huge animal like that... and all he has done through history, I think I believe he has a shot for a solo game. It's just me, of course. But I would like to see an epic adventure of him and see his might portrayed as it should be. He is a big ape. So, why not? 

*Remembers when he was the damsel in distress*

Fair enough lol. 

Earthworm Jim:

From TV shows to games, Earthworm Jim also made a huge mark on the 90's. I could never get enough of his challenging quests. Platforming and shooting got way too original, and most of the people I knew lost countless hours playing his game. But we also made time to watch his cartoons. HECK YEAH!

The Ups:

Earthworm Jim is one of those guys that you would laugh when he met certain circumstances. He was clumsy, yet smart sort of character. His management of guns was sort of looking like Duke Nukem's in a cartoonish way, I suppose. His personality made a huge mark on my gaming career. I can't think of another good up from Earthworm Jim, since it has been so long, but I can tell you this much: There was no obstacle he could not overcome... most of the time lol.

The Downs:

My only complain about this character and his game was that he was more of a mixed breed than original. The character himself was original, but it feels like he and other characters were mixed to create one, rather than just being one original character with original traits. Plus, saving a certain damsel in distress didn't help either. Felt like I was playing a cheap Mario & Zelda game combined. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but... yeah, there's that.

Zeke & Julie:

Zombie ate my Neighbors was(still is) a fun & addictive game. Not only that, these 2 characters have seen more than just a few Zombies. There were Chucky Dolls, Jason Chainsaw guys, Alien Invasions, Giant Babies, and so on. Not only this game has been marked in Videogame History, but has been one heck of a ride in the SNES. It wasn't scary, but it definitively got one at the edge of his seat.

The Ups:

Feels arcadish, characters look like they just got out of the movies and entered a nightmare world. Not only they had to save themselves, but to progress, they had to save others and defeat giant bosses. Seems easy, right? Heheh... WRONG! I could never get far in the game by myself. The up about this game is that  either Solo or Co-Op, you're in for quite a journey. It was one of those games that felt satisfying when you finished a stage. Not your average satisfaction feeling, but damn, it felt good. Possibly one of the top 5 Arcadish games ever made.

The Downs:

We never got to see them come back, or make another one of these games. There was a recent imitation of it, I just can't remember the name. My only problem with the ORIGINAL Game, however, was that most of the game, was about learning through death. Not only yours, but from the people you had to save. I sometimes got irritated at the people because they just don't do anything when the Zombie is near... they just... well... take it. And that alone just annoys one. Sure, it was the SNES era, but it still kind of got frustrating.


DOOM is one of my top 5 favorite game franchises. It taught me that a game doesn't really need a story to be good, but rather the challenge. It's also quite a title to carry and say that you literally went to hell & back, kicked Satan's minions in the jewels and made fun of his symbols while carrying a pistol and blowing their brains out every second. But most importantly, the fact that DOOM was the game that sort of started FPS is one to admire. Crappy Graphics and all. I remember Lawyers playing this game in their offices. My dad's first professional job had at least 5 people playing this game... on a company that makes furniture!

The Ups:

DOOM is pretty long, and full of secret surprises. Plus, one does major damage with the little amount of guns that one has in this game. And it is quite addicting for some reason. Once you start and get the hang of it, it's kind of hard to get out. Welcome to hell. 

The Downs:

Cyberdemons & Spider Mastermind... I love them, but hate them too... it's an odd relationship.


A little bit later into the future:


Floyd, Juno, Lupus & Vela:

Jet Force Gemini has got to be one of the most original games in the N64. Defeating giant ants while defending defenseless Koalas from certain annihilation is truly a sight to see. The story itself is interesting, as well as the missions. Plus, there is a special place in the game that has mini-games, but it has quite an way to get into that area without being detected or shot at. Nevermind that, this game simply rules.

The Ups:

From guns to enemies, to missions and story, it's pretty amazing. The one thing that these 4 characters did to make my gaming life the more was that even separated, they could do just as much damage. Plus, their later upgrades do make up a lot in the game. Simply awesome.

The Downs:

No sequel made simply was a disappoint in my books. This game deserved it. Also, the aiming sometimes was a little annoying. Sometimes. I got the hang of it, but at certain points, it was just RAGEQUIT TIME!!! Well, not really, but close...


Every Character in the Resident Evil story:

Resident Evil's story is full of cliche's, dark secrets and corny lines that... I do not know why, but I love it. The story of this franchise is pretty amazing so far, even if it has striven off from it's Survival Horror genre. But, to be honest, it was to be expected. Still, to this day, we still get to see more of this tale that started long ago. 1998.. I'll never forget it.

The Ups:

The story is pretty full of sad, cliche and interesting stories. What made a huge impact on my gaming life is that it showed me to expect the unexpected, and to conserve rather than shoot when it's not necessary. Other games like Splinter Cell or Syphon Filter also showed me this, but in Resident Evil's case, if you don't have enough, you won't advance. I learned the hard way with the Tyrant battle in the plane... I never will shoot at crows again. Plus, in the classic versions, the feeling of being helpless and vulnerable made it all the best in it's past genre. But now, the story is what keeps it afloat.

The Downs:

I'm going to say that striving off from it's first genre really wasn't a let down for me. I found disappointing, however, the lack of information of past characters that were used and never seen again. Billy Coen, Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton... these characters were keys to the story, so I find it kind of disappointing that we didn't get anything that would say why they aren't around. That's my only complain about it. Everything else can stay. I'm happy with how it is.

Solid Snake:

Now this guy knows how to infiltrate. Snake has been one of my favorite characters for a long time, since Nintendo, but I believe he made more of an impact in Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3. His legacy, story and games never did disappoint. And this guy was the inspiration to some other characters as well. 

The Ups:

The Metal Gear story is touching, blood-pumping, funny and sad at the same time. So, what makes it so special? That it's perfectly well balanced. Also, the fact that you're infiltrating and not going all in is also a great step in gaming. Games where your enemies don't know where you are, leaving them *** magazines to get distracted, hiding under the trademarked cardboard box, it's genius! A BIG plus is the whole defeating huge Metal Gear robots while you're puny and stuff compared to them. A man with the heart of a beast.

The Downs:


Marcus Fenix & Dom:

The Gears of War story is one to be remembered, and these 2 characters alone are one hell of a duo in my books. Not only the game is gory to the point of breakthrough, but it's pretty challenging and the story is just... wow. I could say that this game and Halo are pretty interesting stories.

The Ups:

The story, the guns, the executions... what's not to like about this game? No, really. It's pretty good.

The Downs:

To avoid spoilers, I will just say this... it was sad. The story is great, but just 2 parts alone just hurts...


Master Chief:

Well, Imma cut this short & sweet: he has survived what no other spartan could, and still faces a great threat, and manages to pull himself out alive. 

The Ups:

From guns to personality to characteristics, it's just awesome. What made a huge mark on me was the fact that he did most of the hard work by himself, without trying to be cool. Until he starts hitting on Cortana... that's just... ok?

The Downs:

Nothing in my opinion so far. 


2 Extra Bonus Characters:


Judge Dredd:

The Ups:

Robo-Cop mixed with Terminator and Capt. Falcon. Justice was never served the same way again.

The Downs: 

Trying too hard to be cool. Sounds like Duke Nukem. But I think Duke is lesser than this guy. Plus, I can't get over the fact that he looks WAY too much like Capt. Falcon.

Capt. Falcon name Fail! lol


Special Appareance: Mike from Rescue: The Embassy Mission:

Hey, you tore my map!

Should've worn some camouflage.

Dive! Dive! Dive!His feet have speed lines.

Do the Worm!At last! Cover!Hey, weren't you supposed to be across the street?

The Ups: 

This guy right here deserves a medal for one of the best snipers that ever lived.

The Downs:

90% of the time, he dies...


Well, that's enough for me today. Thoughts?

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