It's a dark & misty valley, where the dark aura is so powerful, you can feel the shadows even touch you. Dragons dwell in the darkest parts of the valleys, as well as other baddies. Zelda has been captured again, and Link is stuck in in Clock Town facing Skull Kid in the Tower. While Link is out, Zelda is captured with no Hero to save her. 

Town after town, people search for the Hero of Time to no avail. They do not give up in their search around Hyrule. King Hyrule is also desperate to find someone to save the princess as well. Impa has not been heard of in weeks, and the evil shadows continue to threaten Hyrule's beautiful valleys & areas. The Gorons are scared to even do their usual merchandise business in Hyrule due to the amount of creatures that dwell in Hyrule's valleys now. Zora's have not surfaced since the taking of their Coves and the Gerudos have made a pact with the Pirates to steal the Zora Eggs yet again.

Just when the king thought all hope is lost, he receives a note from Ganon. Sealed with blood, he quickly opens the letter to read the message:


"Dear King Hyrule:
It seems that you do not wish to surrender Hyrule after your daughter's disappearance. I'm a man with a Temper, and I'm getting irritated to see you keep fighting for your land. I will send this bottle of Zelda's blood to see that I mean business. She's alive, but weak.  I wouldn't let her keep waiting more than it is. So here are my demands again:

- Complete surrender of Hyrule

- The surrender of the Master Sword

- The Imperial Staff

I will give you 24 more hours to surrender. In the events that you do not surrender Hyrule or meet any of my demands, I will send my beasts and myself to torment and destroy the castle and Hyrule's villages. And only then, I will rebuild the place from the ground up, build my empire and start my World Conquest!!!!!"



Ganon's laugh roared through all Hyrule as the king finished reading the letter. He grabbed the bottle of Zelda's blood, scared and crying. He hugged it tightly and started crying as he called his daughter's name. He had no choice. It was do or die, and he knew Ganon isn't really a man to do a deal with. So, he put the bottle on top of a table that was next to his seat, and ordered his Noble Soldier to go to him. The soldier kneeled in front of his king. And the king spoke.

"I put my own faith and my kingdom in your hands. I must deal with Ganon myself" the king spoke while grabbing his sword. "But, your majesty... your secret..." the soldier said while standing up and giving one step forward. "Silence!" the king said with a loud voice "Zelda is my daughter, and the only thing that the Hyrule Royal Family has. I failed to protect her mother, and I won't fail to protect her. You are the only one that knows my true secret, and I place my trust into you. Take Hyrule and command it" the king said while walking down towards the main gate. 

The soldier would not allow it. He ran towards the king and grabbed him by the arm. "King, you must not go alone! Hyrule needs you. We all need you!" The king pulled out his sword, shoved the soldier against a wall and placed the blade in his neck. "Listen to me. I must deal with this great evil myself. The hero of time is nowhere to be found, and we cannot wait any longer. Zelda is hurt, and my heart cannot take it anymore. I must go and face him" then the king lets him go and takes the soldier's sword. "I put my faith into you that you will command this land with no problems." The king left the kingdom in his white horse, and ran towards the dark valleys, where evil lurked.

The soldier, all shaken up, walked slowly towards a tavern he goes most of his nights. Full of Hyrule soldiers & village drunks, he sat down in the bar table. The bartender came by to pick his order. "You don't look too good... you ok?" The bartender asked the soldier. "The king... left to fight Ganon by himself..." he said while hanging his head in shame. "I don't think I'm ready to lead Hyrule..." The bartender, grabbed the soldier's chin and lifted his head "Oh, come on. That's not what you said when you were a kid. Why change now?" the bartender said. The soldier swatted the bartender's hand "Because it's different now, Samus. It's Ganon" he said with anger in his face.

"So, if you're scared to command the kingdom, why don't you just go and help him?" Samus said while cleaning a cup. "I mean, if Ganon does defeat him, then he will go after you. And in the condition you are in now, it's better if you just back the king up and help him defeat him, no?" The soldier looked at Samus' whip that hung in a nail that was by the door. "Maybe you're right. But I want you to come along." "Me?! I have a bar to attend to. Need to make a living, you know?" Samus said while walking towards a keg. "Samus, what happened to you? You used to love the adventure, fight dragons, and that made you feel so alive... those were your words!" the soldier said while standing up of the chair and slamming his hands on the table.

"Joey... It hasn't been the same. Ever since I lost my mother in the fight with Riddley, I've been scared... So, I wanted to live a safe life, rather a life full of gambling... You wouldn't understand, Joey" Samus said while turning her back on Joey. "Fine. I'll leave then. I thought I could count on you" Joey said as he left the bar. Samus, hanging her head in shame, she grabbed her whip and made a loud whipping noise to attract the attention of the drunks. "We're closed!" Everyone left the bar and Samus closed the bar.

The next day, Joey was in the armory, getting his white reinforced armor and weapons ready, and climbed on his horse. He ran out of the kingdom and left to the dark valleys without looking back. He knew he was walking into a death trap, but his concern of the King's safety made him get out of his shell and do something about the situation at hand. As he ran towards the castle, skeleton baddies on dead horses attacked him. He swatted his sword back and forth to defeat the group of enemies that surrounded him, but there were too many enemies. One of them grabbed Joey by the arm and threw him to the floor. The horse left running, and the enemies pinned him on the floor, surrounding him.

Then, one of the skeletons stabbed Joey in the abdomen, and kept stabbing in the same place. Joey screaming in agony, tried to push them away, but there were too many. They kept stabbing him in the abdomen area, while Joey laid there screaming for his life. His vision was fading away, he knew it was over for him, so he closed his eyes and waited for death to take him away. Then he hears a loud whip and felt that the weight was off his body. He kept his eyes closed and felt there was no stabbing. He heard Samus' voice saying "Don't die on me, Joey. you're the only family I got left!" She grabbed him and took Joey to some nearby bushes to heal him. Joey passed out.

Samus kept at it for minutes "Joey, stay strong" Samus said while adding some salt water to the stab wound. Joey quickly made a loud & agonizing scream. "That doesn't help!" Joey said while he quickly grabbed onto his stab wound. "Well, at least you're ok..." Samus said as she stood up. "The castle seems like there's something going on in there... Hopefully the King is still alive." Joey stood up and looked around. "The horse!!! Where is he?!" Joey asked freaking out. "You mean.. this horse?" Samus pointed at the horse behind a tree that was eating grass. "I got a hold of him on my way here." Joey then grabbed onto a staff that the horse carried. It had some sort of artifact on the point that seemed to emit a weird pitched noise. "What is that?" Samus asked.

Joey took a strong grip onto the staff "It's an old gift from a friend of the king. He said that his ancestor, King 545, hid this from the eyes of evil. But apparently the Templars were getting to him, so he needed to find a way to get the staff into the right hands. So he handed the staff to Mario & Luigi, two of his old friends, to send it to king Hyrule for protection. But as it seems, Ganon knows about it, and wants it. So, I want him to see the staff as his dying gift." Then Joey quickly turned around and hugged Samus "This may be the last time we'll see each other..." Samus quickly reacted "Wait... I can't...go?" He climbed onto his horse, and ran towards the castle. Samus, quickly got on top of her Pony and rode off behind him. "You're not going in alone, damn it!".

As he reached the castle, he sees a dragon that protected the Castle Entrance...


 Fighters tried to take him down, but the dragon took them all down with one big swoop. Joey left the horse, and got close to him... "We meet at last... Riddley!" Riddley spewed fireballs at Joey, but he evaded them in time. He then put the staff on his back and pulled out his sword. He ran towards Riddley, but Riddley whipped his tail at him, hitting Joey in the chest and sending him a few feet back. Riddley then made a loud thu'um that summoned another dragon. "The dragon voice!" Joey said while dropping his sword. "The voice of the dragons... It's not possible!" The ancient Dragon and Riddley spewed fireballs at Joey. Joey used his shield to protect himself, but burned his hand in the process. Then, the ancient dragon took the skies and kept throwing fireballs at Joey. Joey ket running from the fireballs, but then he tripped. A rock that was in the floor hit right where he got stabbed, and he screamed in agony. Riddley got on top of him, turned him over and placed one of his claws in the wound. Joey grabbed a dagger and kept stabbing Riddley's foot, but nothing. Riddley kept pressing down to the wound, making the wound get deeper. The ancient dragon landed besides Joey's head.

Then, from out of nowhere, Samus climbed on top of the ancient dragon, and impaled her sword onto the dragon's eye, and stabbed his head to destroy his brain. The dragon quickly fell to the side. Riddley saw Samus and got off Joey to walk to her. Riddley talked in a language neither Samus and Joey could understand. Then, Samus made a loud shout "STRUN BAH QO!", then immediately, there was a thunderstorm outside. "Joey, get into the castle. I'll take care of him!" Joey grabbed his sword and held the staff as he ran and avoided lightning strikes from the sky. Once he got inside, there was a loud explosion sound, followed with an slight earthquake, and the sound of the bridge collapsing. "Samus..." Joey said while looking out the door.

He didn't stop, he went up the stairs, fighting off skeletons, mages, and other enemies Ganon had inside the castle to protect him. Once he got to the last level, he sees Zelda unconscious hanging from a rock, and the king on the floor gasping for air, with Ganon's foot on top of his chest. Ganon quickly glared at Joey, and saw the staff. "The staff... Bring it to me!" Ganon said loudly. Joey held the staff and looked at the king. "No, Joey... Do not give him the staff... It cannot fall into the wrong hands!" the king said with agony. 

Ganon kicked the king on his sides, and walked towards Joey. Then he grabbed Joey by the neck and lifted him off the ground. "Are you going to listen to an old fool that cannot protect his land, or me?" Ganon said while gripping on Joey's neck more and more stronger. Joey, trying to gasp for air, grabbed a dagger and stabbed Ganon in his forearm, making Ganon let him go. Then Joey went and gave the staff to the king. "Joey... I told you to..." "If you were to be killed, then Ganon would turn into my business. So, I'm saving all that trouble..." Joey said but stopped as Ganon impaled his sword into Joey's heart. 

Joey, close to lose consciousness, he then looked back at Ganon's grinning smile. Joey then took a sack he had under his armor to reveal a Triforce. "That's the...." Ganon said with a shocked expression in his face. "I wish... for... all the darkness to.... to....." Joey said stuttering and before he could finish, Ganon swung his sword to throw Joey to the floor. Joey lost the triforce when he was swung off the sword, but he saw it and crawled to it. Ganon laughed as he walked towards the triforce and stepped on Joey's hand. "You are all weakling. You all don't deserve to live in my empire. So prepare to die" Ganon said while holding his sword to decapitate Joey.

But the king took the staff and impaled it in Ganon's chest through and through. He then activated the device that was in the tip of the staff and emitted a high pitched noise that made Ganon kneel down and place his hands on his ears. Joey kept crawling weakly towards the triforce and grabbed it. "I wish... for all the darkness in Hyrule... to.... vanish..." he said as he lost consciousness. Ganon then screamed from the tip of his lungs as he vanishes like sand in the wind. All the shadows and Evil that lurked in the valleys were turning into light, and vanished as well. The dragons took off and flew into the sunset. All the evil in Hyrule, was gone.

Days later, Joey wakes up in the castle in bed, with his chest covered in bandages. He could not move, and Samus sat besides his bed, covered with burnt marks and cuts. Joey could not say a word due to the major damage he did to his lungs when he screamed. The king left him the staff in top of his bed, with a note that said:

"Dear Joey:

I'm proud to say that you have proven yourself as a worthy warrior. You have saved
Hyrule when the Hero of Time was not around. I am giving this staff to you, so you can hold
onto it, and protect it from any evil that wants it. I place my trust into you, that you know
what to do with it."


A  month later, Joey went into an adventure with Samus to look for a place to hide the staff. They also decided to search for a new home and a new life. Where did he place the staff in the end? What became of both of them in the end? Well, that's another tale for another day. In the mean time...


To be continued... On another tale.