It's been nearly 5 months since Ezio saved Rome from a Templar master plan, and the darkness surrounding it seems to be rising rather than vanishing. Cults like the Shadow Assassins and the Stone Templars became more known across Italy, and a threat to the creed. Many of the assassins have been murdered, and Ezio is nowhere to be found. 

A new voice of the creed stood tall in the edge of the Colosseum, with a Silver layered hood and blood red lines across the back. He jumped to a nearby haystack carriage that was passing by. The owner looked back and said: "Huh. I thought you were going to use one of the parachutes?" The assassin replied: "There's no sense of enjoyment if there's already a haystack below, Romero." Romero laughed and nodded, while he kept the carriage at a steady pace towards the North.

The carriage keeps going forward for days, stopping by every now and then for food and rest in hidden assassin paths. As they arrived France, they keep going East, stopping in hidden hideouts that the Assassins built to protect all Europe. 5 days later, they arrive at Ukraine. A place that the Assassin has been told to find something that the Assassins consider a major threat. 

Romero stops besides a market stand and stretched out. "I love and hate long rides. But the view makes it all worth while." The assassin jumped out of the haystack and started to get hay off of him "Yeah, well I can't get used to having hay inside my ears." They both laughed as they headed to a nearby Palace through the back alleys.

"So, has anyone given you information about the Assassins that were shipped to the West Land? It's been some time, no?" Romero asked as he drank water from a cup.

"Nothing of sorts. Father never explained why we needed more ground to protect. He took half of the group from Firenze. All he sent me was a letter saying to head to the Palace in Ukraine's border" the assassin said while reading a map with notes. 

"You think they are going to succeed in the West? We've never our brothers alone just like that" Romero said slightly worried. "Relax, Romero. You're thinking about it too much. They are Assassins. And they are not alone. They are all great assassins that know how to watch over themselves and more in a group. You just relax, mio fratello(my brother)" the assassin said.

They walked to a small place that had a wooden sign that reads "Mario & Luigi's Cibo(Food)". They took a seat and a guy wearing red & blue clothing with brown boots got close to their table. "Welcome to Mario & Luigi's Cibo. Some of the best Italian food you'll ever feast on." Mario said. "You're a little away from home to be selling Italian food, don't you think Mario?" the assassin says with a smile on his face, close to laughing. Mario sat down. "Never. Italian food is pretty good business here. And I assume you didn't come to eat here, Romero" Mario said. "Well, we could get some food before you showing us this "Sewer line" that heads directly to the palace that you speak of?" Romero says while looking at the plates across the room. 

They feasted before arriving to a pathway that leads to a tunnel that leads to the backyard of the Palace. "God, it smells like culo(butt) down in here" Romero says while placing his hand over his nose. "Some of the beggars come down here to do their needs. Sometimes even the animals are killed here" Mario says while handing Luigi a torch. "Hopefully we can find the artifact, and head down to Rome before some trouble happens" the assassin says while hiding his face under the hood to escape the stench. 


"There's the way out. Right behind this hidden stone wall, you will be located in the Backyard. I still wonder how we managed to build this without destroying the wall itself" Mario says while Romero and the assassin climbed the stairs to the wall. "Thank you, Mario. Send regards to Princess Peach in my name" the assassin says while tossing Mario a bag of golden coins. "You just be careful. The Assassins need someone like you without Ezio around" Luigi says worried as they left back. Romero took out a sword from under his shirt and placing his hand in the wall. "You ready, Romero?" the assassin asks while placing his hand over Romero's Shoulder.

Romero nodded and opened the wall slowly. None of the guards were around the backyard. Romero sighed and sheathed his sword. "Well, looks like this is where you're on your own. I know you won't let me follow to the king" Romero said. "We need someone alive to get us out of here. And that someone is you. Get to the carriage, and wait for me there" the assassin said while handing him a smoke bomb. "Use it wisely if something happens." Romero nodded and left to the carriage, as the assassin climbed up to the balcony of the Palace, where he found the king.

"King, I'm here to retrieve the lost artifact" the assassin spoke with intimidation. The king turned around with a staff with a odd blue sort of device, that was shinning and emitted a growling noise of sorts. "It seems you are on a disadvantage" the king said. The assassin not taking any steps back and drew out his sword. "Give me the artifact before I force my blade down your throat" the assassin said. "Do you not know what I can do with this? I control people with it. And you, will be my new servant!" the king said while pointing the staff to the assassin, making it emit a high pitched sound that screeched in the assassin's ears. 

The assassin kneel down to his knees while holding his hands over his ears, in pain and close to losing consciousness. He quickly grabbed a dagger and threw it to the King's face. The sound stopped. The assassin's vision was blurry. Dizzy and distorted, he laid down in the floor for a few seconds before raising his head to see if he has done the deed... but he didn't. He slashed the king's face to reveal it was not really human, but something else...

The assassin in shock, staring at the shining yellow eyes, he asks "What... are you?!" The king said while walking towards him "I am your demise. You have uncovered my secret, and now for that, you must die a painful death!" The king grabbed him by the neck, and lifting him off the ground, choking him. The assassin, in pain and choking, struggled. The king took a small glance to the sheath of the assassin's sword, where the number "595" were engraved in silver. The assassin quickly reacted, and stabbed his arm with his poisoned hidden knife, letting the king let go of him.

"What is this pain?" the king asks in agony. "Its burning up my insides!" The assassin dashed towards the king, and stabbing him again with the blade, but this time to the heart. The king died in the moment, and as soon as he landed on the floor, the started to vanish into ashed, as if he was burning in the process.

The assassin grabbed the staff, and ran with it. He arrives to the carriage, where they left back to Italy.

Passing by France, the assassin told Romero to stop. "Why, what's wrong?" Romero asks. The assassin got off the carriage and said "This, is where we part ways." "But... why?"

The assassin grabbed the staff and said "I'm heading up North and hide this. This is indeed a powerful weapon. And if it were to be found by the wrong hands in Rome, it would mean the end up us." Romero nodded "Well, I hope you know what you're doing. Will you be back?" "I will return to my family. Adios, mio fratello." Romero left, and the assassin headed on a ship that left for the land above(UK). 

When he arrived, he encountered a group of assassins to help him hide the staff from the face of humanity. He later became a King. He was known for ages to pass as the King 595. The staff was never heard from again.... until....

To be continued?



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