I've been in the shoes as a Developer in Training (and still on-going), and I've been watching videogame videos/trailers and feel a bit nostalgic in this generation in gaming. So let me explain:


9- Criterion Games:


I love cars, crashes and explosion, and Criterion Games' Burnout Series is just about 2/3 things(Revenge is all 3). And Criterion Games haven't really stopped amazing me so far, and with the new and remodeled NFS: Most Wanted, I can take a wild guess that it's going to get hot. Besides, the only game that battles my likes with Burnout series is the Midnight Club series and the Forza Motorsport  series. I grew tired of the Grand Turismo for some time. Nut sure why though.


8- Atlus


Atlus has made several games that I completely fell in love with. Namely Demons' Souls, Persona and Catherine, it seems they understand quality. And it's partnership with Index Holding, they will still release quality games, and that only their partnership will only strengthens the foundation of Atlus, both in Japan and here in the United States. I wouldn't mind setting foot there.


7- Volition


Volition blew my mind with the Red Faction games. I have yet to even touch a Saint's Row's game, but I think it's because I either rather play GTA.  Yes, some might disagree, some might agree, but personally, Volition has a lot of potential. And I wouldn't really have it any other way.


6-Guerrilla Games



I have to admit that Killzone games blew me away. And that's why Guerrilla is known for: Killzone. And it's story never gets to be tiring, even if it is linear. Sound Quality, guns, story, it's all there. I don't brag about it much because well... it's not my favorite, but it's something. And that something is really a strong point.


5- Capcom


Yes yes, I know some of you will say they are evil, and I will agree. But I can't say they haven't made me buy their games. I still love Resident Evil and Street Fighter, along with others. Capcom just needs someone to redirect them into the way they should be moving onto. But I still have to say that even in my retro generation, this company made me play a lot of their games.




Bungie made a lot of impact to me with Halo more than Marathon. Maybe even more than Oni. Those who know what I'm talking about must know that they are somewhat great. Not the greatest but better than some*cough*Activision*cough*..... But still, the day I heard Bungie won't make any more Halo games was a sad day indeed for me, but that doesn't stop me from thinking that they won't pull something out of their sleeves. Make me believe again, Bungie.


3- id


id Software has been a great impact to me since DOOM on the SNES, even though it was already in PC... Nevertheless, their games proved to me that Games are about gameplay, not story. Although some might play games for the story, it's all about gameplay. Don't try to pull a Mass Effect thing out, the Dialogue itself is Story mixed with Gameplay. 


2- Quantic Dream


Now they know how to create a story. They swooped me right up with Heavy Rain, and only gave it a first glimpse of it. And I am pumped for their next game. Even though Gameplay wasn't what I was expecting, they know how to do amazing graphics and story, yet someone went a little overboard with story, and that's my #1...


1- Bioware


I've tried doing the algorithms of Mass Effect's story, and I could never finish it due to the amount of stuff that I would have to do that affects Shepard's story. And it is going to go even deeper with their apparent next M.E game. Yes, Shepard's arc is over, but they did say that they are more than likely to continue(maybe they already did). Even though they are currently with EA, I still can work under those conditions. I've seen worse. The only 2 companies that were competing with this game's #1 rank with me are Quantic Dream and Rockstar, but Rockstar is somewhat Free Roaming with Linear Story... even though it has a few choices that might affect you.

In the end, these are just my opinions, yet I would love to just make my own Developing company instead, but I rather not do it alone. 


Thoughts? And play 'til you drop.