It's a question many have asked, and some Developers still ask themselves this on a daily basis. I, for one, have that answer. But, is it what you think it is? I'm not here to change your opinions to what makes the game so fantastic for you, but I think the solution is nothing more than something we all can agree on.

So, what is it? Is it:

Gameplay & Mechanics?

This is so bawss. lol

Gameplay is one, if not, the most important thing in a game. Without mechanics or gameplay, all you're left is probably cutscenes or a image, which isn't all  that fun. Yes, Gameplay and Mechanics are one of the things that makes a game fun, because you control the actions and you see how the game reacts. I remember when I first owned a NES and I could not get myself detached from games like Mario or Battletoads or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I still get fun out of it after 19 years.

Is this what makes the game so damn great? Sadly, no.

Graphics & Sound?

DEAR GOD, DJH, GET SOME SOAP!!! (Sorry, DJH, I had to lol.)

Graphics are one of the things players look for in a game. It makes the game feel so much better. Sounds also make up for a better experience, and even better if they are in harmony with graphics. It's what attract gamers, even if most don't want to believe it. Graphics and sound are why games like Skyrim and Battlefield are a hit on the market.

Are these the things that make a game so great? Despite that this is what makes the game impressive, it's not what makes the game so darn good.


I hope that's not Barry's...

Story is like what gamers could call "Their Book". In a game, most people want to get to the botton of things. Stories build up tension, suspense, and at times, sad moments. Many gamers like a game for their story because it's simply impressive. As much as some people like Jersey Shore, some people like Adventure Time as much as some Gamers like theResident Evil story.

Is Story what makes a game so great? *Buzz* No. It does make the game quite impressive, and attracts a whole lot gamers(even more with sequels), it's not what makes it so great.

Weapons, Characters, Abilities, Innovations, etc?

That must hurt...


We can't deny that most gamers have a favorite Videogame Character, or a favorite weapon or ability. Or a different style of gameplay, hence the innovation. Yes, they boost one hell of an experience playing a game. I sure found some interesting stuff in Bulletstorm, of course personally, but we do enjoy different stuff from time to time.

Is this what makes a game so great? Yeeeeuuuhhhhnn... No. It adds a lot on a game for a bigger experience and a better sense of enjoyment, but it is not what makes a game so great.


So... what DOES make a great game?

Personal Immersion Experience

Wait, I have to fight That? WHAT DA F....?!?!?!?!

The things mentioned above are nothing but merely tools for your immersion experience. Yes, they all are what makes a great game, but without your Personal Immersion Experience(PIE), then the game isn't all that great to you. What defines a game so great is nothing more than a personal opinion of yourself. But, the only way the game can truly be good, is if your little PIE adventure is one to be remembered for ages to come. My solution is PIE(lol, now I'm hungry as I write this).


Stay Frosty.