Not many things in this world today will make the history books, at least nothing as badass as Ezio Auditore slaying the templars (screw you that happened). So I realized that the thing we loved most probably would, something that unifies the entire world into friendly competition that didn't involve physical training or wearing tights that showed off your man bulge. Thats right, gaming has been a huge bookmark in human history.  Here's why

Its the ultimate form of entertainment and expression

Videogames combine everything humans have come up with for entertainment since the beginning of time and allows you to control it how you see fit. Comic booksold talesmovies and television its all there. Its arguably the culmination of entertainment and it only has potential to get better and seeing as we're already THIS close to having our very own personal VR simulators I don't see it stopping anytime soon. If you can read this turn your lights on

Its also easier to express yourself through gaming, with creative modes in games and create-a-character modes you can create anything that comes to mind.



Although sometimes its preferable to keep those creations in your head.

It takes unbelievable skill and talent to actually be good at them

I tip my hat at anyone who's great at doing the things they love. While the media applauds a guy who can balance a midget on his forehead (seriously who cares?) on dumb talent show programs, gamers applaud the guy who can beat Dark Souls in under an hour without taking any damage and getting it all on camera with no edits.

There's nothing wrong with the guy who can stab himself in the foot while tap dancing to a Missy Elliot jam but its much funner to watch a guy do a one million hit combo in Bayonetta. The sheer reflexes, timing and creativity it takes to do such things is just incredible and I can only hope that it gets the recognition it deserves. Meanwhile, in society...

Pictured above: Raw talent.

They hold wonderful pieces of Art and Philosophy and they inspire more to be created


One thing videogames have that is massively under appreciated is art, style, awesome music and thought provoking philosphy. Unfortunately there is some brilliant philosophies games have had that will be lost on gamers due to the game itself being hated by most or other reasons. People of the future may not have that to look back to but the themes in games like Bioshock and its worthy sequel Bioshock Infinite (there was no 2) have had themes that people are STILL interpreting and probably will keep interpreting, just like classic poems and old art.

Our grandchildren will interpret this as a metaphor for self actualization and acceptance.


The Mona Lisa is a piece of art all the old artsy fartsy eggheads love to blabber about. Is she happy? Is she sad? Does she have to fart? Its been open to interpretation for 600 years. Videogames also have that, people still interpret whether or not Super Mario Bros. 3 was actually a stageplay or not....okay maybe that wasn't as great of an example as Bioshock or Metal Gear but its still a question I'll think about for years to come.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed the blog because I didn't enjoy writing it or finding these pictures.