Researcher, Alexander S Douglas came up with world's first computer based game called "OXO" in 1952; the second game was William Higinbotham's “Tennis for Two” in 1958. However, Ralph H Baer's "Brown Box" released during 1960s and Atari's "Pong" released in 1972 were able to attract lot of attention compared to first two.

This was just the beginning for gaming industry. Hand held video games and gaming consoles enjoyed lot of popularity till the arrival of smart phones and tablet PC based games. Those born during 80s and 90s would definitely remember their collection of video game console cassettes. Let's take a look at two of the world's most popular games which triggered the sale of video game consoles.

Haunted house

Haunted house is one of those specially designed games for Atari 2600 video gaming console. This game was released in 1982. It featured Atari's haunted house, and player appears just like pair of eyes on the screen.

Player has to navigate, collect hidden objects and keys inside this house. You can use arrows and space bar on your keyboard to control your player inside the mansion.

While searching for objects, the player also has to save himself/herself from obstructions like evil spirits, bats, black cats, monsters and other characters. Player can safely get out of this haunted mansion if he or she finds the right set of keys on time. The original game has nine levels.

There are several web browser versions of this game, but the one released in 2010 attracted lot of attention. Haunted house was re-released by Atari with better graphics for X-Box gaming console. But gamers still feel that these are some of the lamest graphics. Even the sound effects in latest version will take you back to 1980s.

The latest version of this game is also available for iOS and Android devices. But reviews suggest that most of the people enjoy playing this game on their PC, Laptop or gaming console rather than playing it on smart phones and tablet PCs.

K-mart’s haunted house is one of the most played remakes of the original haunted house. You can also play this game on IGN’s gaming website for free.


Mario tops the list of most sold video games on earth. Even games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush have not reached the height of popularity which is still enjoyed by Mario. 

Game’s character Mario is an Italian plumber and he lives in fictional land known as Mushroom Kingdom. In this game, Mario's aim is to rescue Princess Peach from evil villain known as Bowser.

The original game has eight stages and at the end of every stage, Mario has to enter the castle and defeat Bowser's men.

Fictional game character, Mario, was created by Japanese gaming expert Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario's first game, Mario Bros, was released in 1983, and since then, more than 200 million Mario game cassettes and discs have been sold around the world. Mario golf series, Mario tennis, and Mario kart racing also gained lot of popularity among young and old gamers during 80s and 90s.

Mario's popularity was at its peak during 90s and people were crazy for Mario merchandise, TV shows, garments, and comics. Even films were made with this fictional character. Super Mario Bros, released in 1993 is considered to be the most popular Mario movie.

There are many versions of Mario browser game, as well as Mario for Android and iOS devices. Several game designers have shown their creativity by making changes in the way this game works. Mario’s Unfair Mario version for browser has attracted lot of attention. This version is so tough that 95 percent of players never make it to the second level. There are hidden booby traps almost everywhere in this version.

Gaming consoles will definitely survive longer

Experts suggest that video games are here to stay. Even today, companies like Microsoft and Sony make millions by selling gaming consoles.  People from around the world still prefer to play games using gaming devices and web browser. Some experts also suggest that smart phones and tablet PC based games cannot be compared with games played on gaming devices and desktop. Because, considerable percentage of users still feel that touch screens cannot handle the action and force applied on them while playing games on daily basis.