Ok, this has nothing to do with video games and is weird for a first post but I like sports and I had a revelation so I wanted to right it down. Some people marvel at Kobe Bryant's success at pro basketball, the continued stretch of dominance that he has. A lot of other people have been at Kobe's Skill level, like Tracy McGrady, but never achieved the sustained performance of Kobe like he has over his career. Some people wonder why Kobe has done this, people from all over give words like "competitiveness" or "warrior" or things like that.

It's like that, but the reason is something different. Here I'll explain it like this. You know when you're playing against someone in a sport or game, and you think, oh I might win against this guy/team, or, I might lose. Kobe always thinks he'll win, he'll never lose. This has been ingrained in his mind somehow. It's an insane mentality, but it works for him. I think Michael Jordan had the same thing, that's why they're compared so often. They don't think they're supposed to lose, so most of the time they don't. I think Lebron is like that now. He wasn't like that earlier in his career, but he's at that point now too. He thinks, "Of course we should win this game." Even if in the playoffs he'll believe that now. It's amazing how much belief that you're good enough to do something focuses into doing the thing you want to do.