Recently i've been replaying one of my favorite games of all time, NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA. Half way through i had  a discussion with my brother where he claimed this game was the best ninja game ever. I rudely interrupted before he finished his point. I gave him websters definition of the word ninja and stated that the MGS series are the best ninja games ever made. He agreed. I bring this up because this conversation gave birth to this blog. I started to think how could i build my fantasy ninja game out of  pre existing games. In other words take elements from different games such as gameplay, story, or  setting and mash them up like a DJ mixes records together. 




These two game franchises have died a dishonorable death. TENCHU  for the ps1 is quite possibly the most influential game on me ever. It turned me from casual gamer to ride or die hardcore gamer. Now any game in the outdated series feels like a wast of time. NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA is a great game but two things have always bothered me with the game. The first thing being the camera and second is the absence of stealth. How can this bad ass ninja not be able to cut throats in the shadows? I would like to see the core elements from NGS remain the same just fix the camera and add the stealth elements from TENCHU, add some peppa and BAM! best ninja game ever.




Lets face it these two hall of famers are getting a little long in the tooth, whatever that means. RESIDENT EVIL and METAL GEAR SOLID are in an eternal battle for my heart. They are my favorite video game franchises of all time. Like George Castanza with pastrami and sex its only natural i try to mix the two. Im thinking its more a MGS story driven game where i play as a version of snake. He's trapped in some experimental LA LE LU LE LO underground lab where u guessed it, a weaponized virus escapes or is let loose turning most of the armed guards into zombies. I've always felt MGS games are better when the levels are designed to be close quarter corridors. For example MGS 1 and 2 give me a more gratifying stealth experience as opposed to MGSS[snake eater] and MGS4. I think this is due to the tight interior level design of MGS1 and MGS2. With no where to run the player is forced to strategize player positioning, timing, and attack options more than in MGSS and MGS 4 where there are so many options the feeling of stealth is cheapened. So ya i want to sneak and kill my way through a hoard of zombie soldiers while trying to escape an underground military base. I actually think a good story could be wrapped around this tasty idea. I'd call it METAL GEAR SOLID EVIL. Obvious i know but it actually has a ring to it.



DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH.   I mean really.         Do i really need to explain? The two games are damn near the same. Well in concept. I guess i do need to explain.  Its simple. I want a DARK SOULS with a CASTLEVANIA story. Or maybe a 2d DARK SOULS. You know what it doesn't matter anyway you do it will work. The two are like peanut butter and jelly. Does it really matter if the jelly is on the top? If the two teams of developers could come together with the same passion and execution of DARK SOULS and CASTLEVANIA SOTN then whatever they make will be an instant classic. Of course this will never happen but it is possible the two will start looking to each other for inspiration and ideas. DARK SOULS has whips for christ sake.



DAAAAAAMMMNN you MADDEN!!!!     OK.    Got that out my system. Seriously 2k are you done? Your just clapping your hands together and walking away from football? You know there are guys out here recreating every bootleg NFL team in ALL PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 right? What will happen to these guys when you shut the server down and they cant play online anymore? Do you really want these people away from the game and out on the street? Look i know you got your fancy NBA license i just dont get why you refuse to feed the market hungry for your football games. Did EA burn you so hard you cant watch football without your eye spasming before you slip into some EA board room Vietnam flashback. Heres what you do. Buy the MUTANT LEAGE FRANCHISE [from EA] Mix that with your great gameplay and flip the script on them bitches. 




The more i think about this the more I'm starting to think this is the best move for COD. In my eyes COD needs to do one thing to take their franchise to the next level and thats create the ability to view pro's play the game in a way that allows the viewer to follow without becoming disoriented. Video games as a sport still hasn't gotten any solid footing in the US. It seems like Korea is killing it with STARCRAFT but Amerika needs a pro video game competition that can rival pro sports. COD is the franchise for this task but they need to ditch the first person view for the strategy gameplay of XCOM. My mash up would have 8 v 8 team deathmatch but only two people play at a time. Each player controls a squad of 8. Much like XCOM you create each squad member. You outfit them with your standard COD perks and add new ones like the ability for one squad member to sprint real time in first person view for a limited amount of time [think VALKYRIA CHRONICALS]  going berserk and shooting as many enemies as you can. At least thats one idea i had. It doesn't have to be 8 v 8 either I think other COD game modes would works with the strategy gameplay. Anyway as much as i like to trash COD players for being mindless twitch masters i have to believe they have the ability to evolve to a strategy game as long as it keeps the core violence, perk and gun customization fans have come to love. This new form of strategy gameplay will allow viewers to concentrate move by move. Appreciating strategic choices and simply soak in the great visuals all of which is lost when i try to watch pro's play COD now.  And sure you can throw an alien or two in the mix.



YA sucka technical loophole. GHOST IN THE SHELL was a ps2 game. I know i kind of cheated but come on! Can you imagine an open world futuristic Tokyo set in the GITS world with FALLOUT 3 VAT system combat. VATS is so GITS. ITs like a look into a cyborgs mind before it pulls the trigger. The combat system fits so perfect with the futuristic setting. Give me GITS story and writing and ill listen to every boring conversation a npc has for me. I would love for nothing more than to play as the Major jumping off the side of a skyscraper, shoot some kind of grappling hook towards the roof then swing through a window enter into VATS mode and head shot everyone in the room before my feet touch the floor.


I have a long blog about why I couldn't get into SKYRIM. Its a great game i just found myself locked into boring conversations way to much, to the point the boredom out weighed the fun. But thats just me. So I'd like to try this game with a STAR WARS twist. I feel the two would mix well. The force powers could easily replace the spells and magic. Light sabers would be far more fun to wield than a sword. Lets face it SKYRIM got a little STAR WARSy on us and in my opinion hurt the combat of SKYRIM because battles would look like the 4th of July rather than a medieval fantasy fight. Lets say the world of SKYRIM was an alien planet and you play as a jedi of course. You could go searching for gems to upgrade your light saber or take on side quests gaining favor with whatever side of the force you see fit. Maybe the developers could implement a jedi mountain climbing force ability. 



Think of your most chaotic police chase in GTA. Now imagine doing that in the Batmobile. I've been saying for the longest that ROCKSTAR needs to purchase a super hero license. I would go with Bats but spidy would do. I really want to say the FLASH but thats not a video game. I got rules after all. Anyway from the moment a played GTA3 i craved for BATMAN to bless liberty city with his presence. Im embarrassed to say i haven't played B AC yet but from what I've seen it lacks any real traffic or civilians. It doesn't even look like the Batmobile is in the game. This out of all the mash ups i feel has the best chance of actually happening. Its very possible Rockstar could buy the batman license. Its not probable due to the success of B AA + B AC but hey positive thoughts bra positive thoughts.