I just downloaded the F1 2012 demo and was blown away by how fun the actual driving was. I was tempted to run out and buy it. But ive had this feeling about other racing games when i first play them, so i knew i should wait and see if the fun would continue. It didnt. I have this problem with simulation games [ games that simulate real life sports or competitive activities like racing] the first 10 to 20 hours i think their the best game ever then suddenly they become supper boring. It happens every year. Madden, NBA 2K, SBK, Gran Tourismo, Forza, Top Spin, NHL, Tiger Woods, The list goes on and on. No matter how much i love the sport or how great the game play is if its a simulation i get bored real quick and i know why. 


Let me ask you this. Lets say you could take your favorite car out of your Forza or Gran Tourismo garage and you could race it on any race track that has been made in a video game. What track would you pic. Would you stay with Leguna Seca or would you pic a track from Mario Kart? See where im going? I wish i could get a simulation game in a fantasy setting. Remember Mutant league Football? I sure wish 2k would make a football game but give me crazy teams like a Zombie team, Vampire team, or a ninja team. It would play like a simulation of football except it would have a layer of crazy frosting on the top. Perhaps teams would have certain abilities to spice up the on the field play. For example maybe the vampire teams strong safety could be audibled pre snap for a sneak teleport blitz. Or the zombie team when on defense would hide under the ground pre snap to hide what defensive package their in. Im not saying these ideas in particular are good but im sure 2k could think of some great ideas along these lines. 

I can hear the comments already. "Its not simulation gameplay if a vampire can teleport blitz". What i want is the sim gameplay of already existing games just jacked up on crazy juice. When i say zombies or vampires i want them to be represented in a simulation kind of way. I dont want cartoon count chockulas. I want a team of Vampires that look like their from the movie Interview with a Vampire, or Bram Strockers Dracula. Lets say when they sack your quarterback they suck a little bit of blood decreasing his or her accuracy for the next couple plays. I want the zombies to look like their from the Walking Dead. Heres an idea the zombies would never get tired or injured but their teams over all athletic ability wouldnt be as good as lets say the werewolf team. Can you say beast mode? In other words i want it fantasy but mature adult fantasy that lets you believe whats happening could really happen. The Walking Dead tv show is a perfect example of what i mean. Its fantasy, theres no such think as zombies but the tv show makes it seem so real i believe that sh## can happen. I want that type of realism applied to the fantasy aspects of these games.

Id love to play 18 holes as Tiger woods but instead of Torrey Pines im playing through a haunted cemetery, or a coarse thats floating in the air like Cloud City from Star Wars. I cant wait for the day i can race a 5 lap race with all computer assists off on a 1000cc gsx sports bike down a track like Rainbow Road. Or play an 80+ game season of NBA 2k, only the Memphis Grizzlies would be actual grizzly bears and their court would be outside in the woods Yogi Bear style with picnic baskets as the hoop. What about training and upgrading the stats of my UFC create a character except instead of the octagon i fight in some Mortal Kombat style arena. 


My point is i love simulation gameplay i just get bored with the stuff outside the gameplay. I love tinkering with gear ratios in Gran Tourismo but how many times do i have to race the handful of real life tracks that reality provides? When i play Madden, NBA 2k, or UFC i rarely finish a season because the monotony of the green grass, tan hard wood courts, grey octagons, and the annoying crowd noise become so repetitive it drives me nuts. It would be so nice to hear an alien crowd cheer. Or 10s of thousands of zombies moan with joy as their team scores a touchdown. 

Look im a die hard football fanatic. Ill buy whatever NFL sim is on the market [ DAMN YOU EA! ]. But once the real life season is into week 6 and ive lost most of my fantasy games [ DAMN YOU CAM NEWTON! ] the shimmer of an updated roster in my football video game starts to fade. I start mixing and matching all the different variations of uniforms. I try to add some spice with snow or rain. But in the end snow and rain dont do it. I want black hole rain on an alien field where tiny black holes fall from the sky and land randomly on the field. So not only do you have to avoid the tackler you might have to jump over a black hole after you break free using a stiff arm. Thats what i call a fantasy simulation. Id love to hear any other fantasy simulation ideas.