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LATE!!! GaMe #10 (Spiral. Teacher. Reliable. Anonymous. Nice. Gifted. Eclectic. Respectable)


  I understand that the GaMe for Stranger is over but I couldn't participate as unexpected responsibilities came up. I hope this isn't looked down upon for being late and I hope those who read this enjoy what I've created XD without further adieu, here is the tale of Stranger I have weaved!


     Water, Earth, Fire, Air. All of these elements seem important separately, but together they form the basis for everything we know...paper. Mario stood at the base of a huge spiral staring up into the night sky. "How lonely the sky looks", remarked Mario's companion Goombario. The only thought in Mario's mind was saving the stars. "After we defeated Bowser, that masked man stole every star in the sky without saying a word! He even made that giant spiral appear out of the ground! Stay on your toes, we're in for a tough one", said Kooper as he shifted his bandana into a more comfortable position.

     Mario quietly looked at his feet as he gathered his thoughts. While he was staring down, Bow hit him in the head with her fan, "This is not the time for thinking. We need to go up there and stomp him into the ground!". Mario jumped to his feet. Bow was right, this Stranger needed to be stopped at all costs. Mario had no idea how he was going to beat this Stranger, but he at least had to try. Summoning his friends, Mario placed one foot at the base of the spiral and proceeded a series of spin dashes and jumps up the spiral. "Quit with all the spinning and jumping, Mario, please! It's making my head hurt", remarked Bombette. Mario stopped, looking a little embarrassed, and continued his trek up the spiral.

     After what felt like hours, Mario and his companions stopped. Sushie was giving everyone water while Parakarry flew ahead to see if the looming spiral ever ended. "I'm looking forward to clobbering this Stranger. I can't believe how far we've climbed! I'm definitely going to need a rest at the Toad House when this is over.", growled Goombario. Kooper had his back turned, laughing at Goombario's discomfort, when Parakarry ran straight into the back of his blue shell. Letting out a deep oomph, Kooper fell over the edge of the spiral. Out of instinct he flailed his arms before realizing he was suspended in mid air. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...wait. I'm not falling!? OH THANK THE STARS I SWEAR I WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO REPAY YOU!", gasped Kooper. "Are you going to thank me for this?", retorted Lakilester. "Uh...oh, thanks for saving me. I didn't realize you grabbed me.", Kooper managed to squeak out. "Yeah well let's just listen to what Parakarry's so worked up about. Maybe he found something out about this cursed spire, or whatever this thing is.", Lakilester stated, somewhat annoyed.

     "Whew...I need to breath...ahem, now that I can speak, I have important news for all of you!", Parakarry stopped as everyone exchanged cheers of approval. "About a 10 minute walk further up this spiral, I got discouraged. I mean, this thing looks like it never ends. I noticed, however, that the sky looked odd where I was standing. It looked like the sky moved in position to where I was at. Now doesn't that seem odd that something supposedly so far away looks like it's right in front of me?", asked Parakarry. Mario nodded thrice before shaking his head in confusion. "Lemme explain before you think too far ahead. It looked like a sheet was placed around the entire spiral at that point. I slowly inched my way forward and felt something a little tense, like the surface of water. When I put my hand through the tense field, it vanished!", Parakarry looked stunned as he remembered his initial shock at discovering the charade. "The Stranger deceived us! It only looks it never ends! He put an invisible sheet across the sky to discourage people from following him up. When you pass through the sheet, you can see a circular platform a short walk up. He's got to be there I know it!", exclaimed Parakarry.

     Mario jumped to his feet and ran off, forgetting everybody behind. "Waaaaaaiiiiiiitttttt uuuuupppppp!!!", yelled Watt. Watt floated over to Mario and gave him a small shock, "That's for running off without us, dummy!". Mario nodded in agreement, thankful she stopped him from running into the Stranger with no back up. "Let's get this over with, I want to get back home", stated Bow. As everyone proceeded their final climb, the Stranger laughed quietly to himself. From his dais, he could see them climbing from the very beginning. The stars quietly observed his behavior from above. Mario approached the invisible field that Parakarry was talking about and jumped through it. As he did, his fist shattered the illusion. The field splintered into pieces and fell harmlessly through space, vaporizing after mere seconds in free fall. "Your jump power never ceases to amaze me, Mario", Kooper waxed poetically. "Enough of this idle chatter, we have a Stranger to stomp!", shouted Bombette. Upon hearing this, everyone mustered energy from their weary recesses and ascended the final climb, one foot after the other.

     When Mario and company reached the foot of the dais, the Stranger raised his hand. The stars gathered around him in protection. "...", the Stranger stood still, his mask a facade for the true nature of his challenge. "Mario, this is your final test. You managed to beat Bowser, saving the seven star spirits and Peach. You have one final challenge. Face this Stranger in battle and let your true character show. Only then will you carry the true title of the savior of Mushroom Kingdom. We have given aid to you on your journey, but we need to test your abilities on your own. You must face the Stranger without any help from your companions. Best him in battle and complete the perfect cycle. The spiral will cease to climb ever higher until you do", remarked the eldest star. Mario shook his head in disbelief. He didn't understand what the big deal about this spiral was. The only thing he knew was that he had to fight the masked Stranger alone, his only priority to beat him.

     The Stranger's mask changed its design. What was once a pearlescent white now had a spiral pattern starting from where the nose was and expanding out in ever growing increments to the edge. Mario blinked several times in disbelief. He had never seen anything like it. The spiral on the Stranger's mask seemed to rest in another dimension entirely. Isolated from his friends, Mario did the only thing he could. Pulling his hammer back, he threw it with enough force, he thought he could shatter any illusion set before him. When the hammer struck the mask, Mario was engulfed in a sphere of space. The Stranger stood before him. "..." Mario wondered why the Stranger was as silent as himself. The sphere enclosing them expanded, showing Mario a sight he thought was impossible. He saw himself, in another dimension of both space and time, jumping through portraits at Princess Peach's castle. The Stranger cut the image and brought Mario back to the raised dais. Mario stood still for a second collecting his thoughts. "Ride the spiral to the end", muttered the Stranger, before summoning a sphere and vanishing. The eldest star floated over to Mario, inches from his nose. "You should learn a lesson from this experience. The Stranger has showed you a part of yourself that you never thought existed." With that comment, the eldest star floated back into the sky. In the wake of the Stranger's absence, a sphere appeared. The rest of the stars went through the portal and suddenly the night sky lit up with life. Mario dropped a tear of relief at the beauty of his world.

     Standing alone at the top of the dais, Mario's friends ran up to him. "Come on, let's finally get off of this spiral", sighed Bow. Everyone hopped on Lakilester's cloud and they safely floated down to the base below. At the base of the spiral they saw a sign that read, "Live life and enjoy it while you can". At that moment, Mario heard strange music. It sounded like it followed a mathematical pattern. Without warning the ground shook and the spiral extended outward into space indefinitely. From that moment on, Mario heard rumors that the spiral reaches a point into space that connects his world with the other world he inhabits. Mario heard tales of many adventurers hoping to ride the spiral to the end but Mario knew the truth. The spiral had no end. It connected his world to the world of another and another in an infinite cycle of connectivity. The Stranger brought the spiral into his world, but that's not all he brought. He brought the realization of self and importance to Mario. Mario shook his head one last time and smiled as he went to sleep, resting easy at the knowledge that his world was much more beautiful than he ever realized, all thanks to the Stranger...