We've all been there, enjoying our favorite game, only to be interrupted by something so absolutely annoying or heart crushing that you become infuriated, or maybe even cry.  This is a compilation of some of the biggest annoyances I have personally had to endure, and I am sure I am not the only one.


10.  One more thing...

I don't have to worry so much about this particular annoyance anymore, because I am older and on my own.  But when I was younger, bumming mom and dad's internet connection, this was a problem.  "Hey, will you take out the trash?"  You agree, after all, they're paying for the internet, power, water, and probably the Mountain Dew in the fridge.  You come back in "Oh, one more thing..."  Just those words incite rage, because even though you know the inevitable is coming, you do it anyways, "Empty the dishwasher."  Ok, done.  "Oh, one more thing..."  At this point your eyes are bloodshot, hands are shaking, it takes every bit of your willpower to not blurt out what is really going through your mind.  This has the potential to go on several times, and usually a few of the times you will hear "I swear I mean it, just one more thing..."


9.  Power Outtage

Most know this annoyance, many experience far too frequently.  Sitting there, haven't saved in an hour, going for the achievement to beat the game with no saves.  You're on the last level and... darkness.  Everything goes out, dead, no power.  Eight hours of your day are gone, and slowly the feeling of just how screwed you are starts to set in.  You perhaps even start to cry.  It's okay, we're there for you, once the power comes back on, that is.  Hope you have candles and a PSP, you'll probably need it.

8.  Screaming Xbox Live kid

We all know this one.  Gaming hard core, in the zone, rocking an awesome K:D ratio.  Sitting there waiting for your next victim to run down the snowy tunnel of death, you see him coming... "NO MOM I SAID I WANTED A F****** MOUNTAIN DEW NOT MILK!  MOM NO!  I WANT A MOUNTAIN DEW!"  In the midst of you ripping off your headset in agony, you watch as what was once your prey turns around and shoves a shotgun in your face and squeezes.  But that's not the worst part, the kid keeps going, forgetting to mute his mic, screaming at his mom in an epic moment that eventually finds its way to youtube.  One heck of a way to be famous.


7.  A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

This one needs no description.  The notoriety of the Blue Screen of Death has spread far and wide, and is so feared that just the mention of such a thing often makes PC gamers shake in their Napoleon Dynamite moon boots.  I hope you speak Hindu, because I guarantee the guy on the other end has problems with English comprehension!


6.  Vacuum Cleaners

Few things beat out that incessant whine made by electric motors inside vacuum cleaners.  The noise of the brush ruthlessly scraping the carpet, the motor unapologetically sucking everything that is kicked up by the brush, and the back and forth motion which causes the sound to reverberate back and forth in your head can sometimes be unbearable.  Particularly sadistic significant others might take their sweet time, simply because they know it annoys you.  This is especially annoying if you are in a situation where listening to your clan/guild mates is especially important.  My heart goes out to you console gamers, it's hard to vacuum in between me and my keyboard, but in between you and the TV?  Easy.


5.  Pets

It's hard to fault any pet for wanting to snuggle, though it usually just means they want something, usually food.  In my experience, dogs tend to want to go out exactly when I get into a game, whether it be a competitive series in Call of Duty or if it is "Agonizing raid night" on World of Warcraft.  Without fail, 2 minutes in, the dog sits by the door and starts whining, usually it's cold and rainy or snowy, so I feel bad about leaving the dog outside.  So, off I go to take care of the dog, leaving my compatriots to their fates.  Of course the dog decides to sniff everything for the umpteenth time before finding a spot to do its business.  Cats though, cats are especially sadistic.  They like to step on keyboards, play with controller cords like they are yarn, and mercilessly paw at aiming reticules and mouse pointers.  Oh, by the way, it's hard to explain why the cat is in the microwave, so try and find a better spot to put it when it becomes a real nuisance.


4.  Text messages from the girlfriend

Though they don't have to be from girlfriends, those ones tend to be the most annoying and incessant (It works the same for boyfriends ladies, I have one sister and two step sisters, I hear it all).  If it's from a friend, you can just ignore it, silence your phone and tell them it was off, or the network was messed up and you never got their message.  Even if they don't believe you, the code language comes across, "I was doing something more important than looking at the picture of the old lady with no teeth that you sent me."  It has been my experience though, that girlfriends tend to send more messages when you don't respond.  The logical person sees a non-response as "Oh, well, they must be occupied with something else, I'll try later or wait for a response."  However, almost without fail, 3 minutes following the first message is one stating "Why aren't you texting me back?!"  Usually that message is more colorful, less coherent, and with much worse grammar.  At this point you're obligated to respond, which was the worst mistake.  At this point, Ventrilo comments usually read (AFK:  Girlfriend Agro).



You ever have that over-eccentric guild leader?  Or if you don't delve into the MMO world, that extremely arrogant clan leader that insists that everyone else but him sucks at everything?  Well, if you haven't been unfortunate enough to be lead into battle by this type, chances are you have heard of it from friends or on a youtube link.  Nothing kills a game like a jerkoff that can't control himself.  What's worse is that as soon as you put him on mute, he calls on you for something, then starts yelling that you aren't listening.  MORE DOTS!


2.  No more Mountain Dew

It's 4:00 AM and you're pulling an all-nighter with some buddies, killing zombies on the hardest difficulty.  You have Talladega Nights playing on the TV, you get up to get some Mountain Dew because you are a light weight, starting to lose your edge.  You get up to get some Dew, the copious amounts of caffeine combined with that sugary sweet, sort of fruit-like imitation taste will give you just enough to finish off.  Upon opening the fridge you are greeted by something far more sinister than any special mutated zombie, nothing.  The emptiness of your fridge is devastating.  You drop to your knees and start to weep.  You start a personal mission, a mission that you would kill to complete.  You need to find some Mountain Dew.  Good thing for you Wal-Mart is open 24/7.  Too bad that means you have to stop killing zombies for at least 15 minutes.


1.  Comcast

Yup, Comcast.  From planned outages to uninformed outsourced Canadian customer service, there are very few things that can annoy you more than the fact that your connection to your entertainment relies on Comcast.  You know something is going to go wrong at some point, and when it does, they can get someone out to your house in 3-5 days, hopefully.  And if they do get there, they tell you that nothing is wrong and then charge you for it, and you still have the problem.  After you have bought hundreds of dollars of equipment to replace their faulty equipment, you must hope that they don't decide to change their system to not work with the cabling in your home.  Yup, that actually happened.  Just try to keep from swearing too much at them over the phone, they tend to hang up when you do that.



Hope you all enjoyed that!  Feel free to add to the list and comment!