First off, I would like to say this is my first blog I've ever written on this site, and the second or third blog I've ever written in my life (the first two were complaining about texting etiquette and helping people understand that telemarketers don't want to call you just as much as you don't want them to call...) so I'm sorry if its boring or a little rough.  I just started playing Dark Souls yesterday, I played it for a few hours, and I'm absolutely loving it.  I'm really bored at work and have a couple hours to kill, and I've been thinking a lot about Dark Souls today, so I figured I'd write something about it.  I'll do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum!

The following is a rough timeline of my experience with Dark Souls thus far:

5:45 PM: Rush out of work into my car, where my wife is patiently waiting to pick me up (only one car right now, yes, its horrible)

6:00 PM:  Bang my head against the steering wheel due to major traffic issues due to construction.  Utah sucks.  (It's known as the "Orange Cone State")

6:30 PM: Finally arrive at Gamestop to pick up my pre-ordered copy of Dark Souls.  I wasn't able to get it at the midnight release cuz, well, I had work in the morning. 

6:45 PM: Finally make it home, decide to cook dinner before playing since both me and my wife are starving.  Throw some hotdogs on the Foreman Grill and go change into gym shorts.  I do not plan to leave the house the rest of the night.

7:00 PM:  After eating my hot dogs, I decide to be a gentleman and let my wife play Persona 4, her favorite game.  I figured I'd better let her get her game time out of the way so I can play Dark Souls without interruption.

8:15 PM:  I'm FINALLY able to start playing Dark Souls! 

8:20 PM:  Spend about 10 minutes making my character, thinking of a good name (I chose Althalus) and deciding which gift I'd like to receive.  I choose the "tiny ring" or something like that, which apparently slowly regenerates health. 

8:30 PM:  I begin my adventure, only to change my mind and decide I'd rather have the Master Key .  I go back to the title screen, start a new game, remake my character, choose the Master Key, and start again.  My wife is disgusted that my person doesn't look like a human, seeing as he is already undead.  I decide to take off all my armor and walk around naked so she can have the pleasure of watching my sexy, undead body killing things.

8:40 PM:  I make my way through the tutorial area, and run into the first boss, who I try to take on with my little sword hilt.  Needless to say, I die almost instantly.  I later find out out to get past him and continue on my merry way.

8:50 PM: I find a real sword and shield, and proceed to dominate the tutorial.  I start to get careless, thinking this game isn't nearly as hard as it was made out to be.  I seem to forget that this part is supposed to be relatively easy.

9:05 PM:  I beat the boss of the area on my first try, and I feel invincible!  I proceed on my merry way, and I figure out how to do a running leap.  I practice said leap, and I practice myself right off the side of a cliff.  Feeling of elation now gone.  Feelings of self hatred rising.

9:15 PM:  After a very interesting cutscene, I begin exploring the first "real" area of Dark Souls.  I run into a couple NPCs and join a guild, so I can purchase healing spells.  Unfortunately, my soul count is still low, so I'll have to come back later.

9:20 PM: I run into a graveyard, where 4 skeletons reanimate themselves and begin attacking.  My sword does very little damage to these beings, and I am quickly slain.  I groan, my wife laughs.  Self hatred rising....

9:40 PM:  After many skirmishes with the skeletons, I decide I will come back to this place later since my current gear is obviously not good enough to take on this area yet.  I press onwards toward a different path, where I slay many generic soldiers, and (of course) some giant rats.

10:10 PM:  I arrive in a small town and get mobbed by a bunch of soldiers who throw fire bombs at me.  I quickly take them out, and my confidence is once again at an all time high.  I haven't died yet since leaving the graveyard.

10:30 PM:  Confidence is at an all time low.  I have died about 10 times, all thanks to stupid spear soldiers and a giant black knight.  Oh, and an archer I keep forgetting about for some reason.  I finally decide to take it nice and slow and take on each enemy one at a time, and I finally get past this area.  Oh, and I avoid the black knight dude.  Freaking ***.

10:35 PM:  I run into an enemy I haven't seen yet, who proceeds to lay waste to mine being.  He carries a gigantic club-thingy and my attacks to hardly any damage.  I make a note to avoid this person til later.

10:45 PM:  I run into the first real boss, and proceed to die very quickly.

10:50 PM: I die.

11:00 PM: I die.

11:05 PM:  I die.

11:07 PM:  I get frustrated and decide to try and rush through all the enemies without fighting to get to the boss as quick as possible.  Big mistake!  I end up getting sandwiched on a narrow bridge and die from the most basic of basic enemies.  My previous horde of 4,000 souls is history now.... Wife can't stop laughing.

11:15 PM:  I die, after getting the boss within an inch of death.  My wife is perplexed that I can keep playing this game.  I ignore her and start, once again, back at the previous bonfire, and proceed through the fire bombing, spear using soldiers.

11:30 PM:  SUCCESS!!!!  I finally kill the first boss!  Well, technically, he misstepped and fell to an untimely death, but hey, it still counts! 

11:35 PM:  I run into a dragon on a bridge, who burns me to a crisp instantly.  I revert back to the previous bonfire, and once again fight my way through the hordes of flamers and spear...ers.

11:50 PM:  Still trying to get past the dragon, unable to do so.  Decide I should get some sleep, even thought I don't want to.  I just want to keep playing!


Well that's about it so far.  I am anxiously waiting for work to get over so that I can go home and dive right back into the world of Dark Souls!  Thanks for reading (the few of you who might) and if you haven't picked up this game already, do so!  Yes, it is hard, but when you do succeed, you feel AMAZING.  Hardly any other game can make me feel the way this game does.  Thanks again!